Ranty Friday — Bra Bunny

Yes you heard that right.  Bra Bunny.  A bunny for your bra  (well only if your a woman, obviously.  Or if you are a man who likes to cross dress, which is fine of course, this is 2012, after all)

This is what I am talking about:  Bra Bunny

Just why?  Why would you want this poking out of your bra?  Are you meant to wear it all day?  At work?  On the school run?  Won’t it get flattened by your seat belt?

If worn on a night out what is it going to say to people?  “Stare at my boobs, I have a random object shoved in my norks”.   Yeah because us women love having our boobs stared and pointed at by random strangers.

And I am telling you now, there is nothing going in my bra but my boobs.  I can’t get a sheet of paper in there when my boobs are in there, let alone some furry rabbit.

Okay after a night in the Chinese using chop sticks I might find some stray grains of rice down my bra but I have never managed to get a whole rabbit in there, even if it is a small cuddly one with pointy up ears.

Point up ears I might hasten to add that look very much like the Playboy logo.   Playboy, you know that massive merchandising machine that is all about the sexualisation of women and not promoting breast health.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness, all for it.   Having had my own scares I know all too well how important awareness and prompt action to anything suspicious is.   But only £1 from the £7.99 cost of this goes to the charity.  Just £1.   Wouldn’t that be better put in a fund raising bucket?  Or buying a discrete badge for £2 that I can put on my coat?

Does this really raise awareness of breast cancer?  Does it?  Seriously?  A pink bunny poking out of a bra is going to raise awareness of breast cancer?  What on earth makes somebody think I am going to want to try and raise awareness of the importance of checking for lumps or helping fund research with a pink bunny shoved in my bra?

Quite frankly I find this merchandising offensive.   If women have had breast cancer or mastectomies the last thing they want is something shoved in their bra inviting people to stare at them.  The last thing.   They want to feel feminine again not invite random people to point and say “what the hell has that woman got sticking out of her bra”.

Added to which why is it sickly pink?  I am 43 not 6.

No.  I am sorry Bra Bunny but you can just hop off.




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  • hahahaaa I’ve never seen this before but oh my god…hmmm, maybe its meant to sit in your cleavage or something so it can have a peek at everything that’s going on? And when people stare at you gobsmacked you. ofcourse. tut and remind them its for charity! 😉

  • My boobs are small. (OK, tiny) I could probably fit a pink cuddly rabbit in my bra. But I won’t be. I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous. Why?!

  • If it raises some money for breast cancer research then I am fine with it. It’s obviously designed to get people talking. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. ‘Go bunny’ I say.

    • But does it raise money? How much did it cost to produce? And just £1 is going to the charity for a £7 purchase. That is wrong. And yes we aer talking about it but are we buying it? No.

  • Oh lordy! That thing looks like something my one year old daughter, would tuck up into bed with her for the night – not something I’d stick down my bra, while I’m doing the nursery run.

    It would look like i’d ran out of pockets for the many things I take with me, when going any where with the twins, and thought, “Ah well, I’ll just stick it there.” I can’t see how that would be promoting breast cancer awareness in the slightest.

  • Oh I think I love you!! I’ve just had a similar rant on my blog for today!
    As someone who is at risk genetically from breast cancer, and also who has lost friends and family to it, this stuff makes my BLOOD BOIL!!

  • Love this, haven’t come across a bra bunny before but will be looking out for it now!

  • When I read the title I thought you were ranting about the bra bunny that’s the same as the sock bunny! Nice rant though! I can’t believe they’re selling that!!

  • Hop off! Oh dear, what a rant – definitely justified though. It looks like nobody was thinking and you’re right about the Playboy thing and not wanting to draw attention to that area. Disastrous idea.

  • Hold on a minute. I’ve done a little research about this product after reading these comments. Here’s what I’ve found: Brabunny is not connected to any big business, but was developed by a couple who had a close friend diagnosed with breast cancer. They wanted to raise funds for research. As far as profit goes…selling a product for £7 means nothing…you’d be lucky to retain 25% of that as profit. To then give a £1 of that means you’re probably making less than you’re giving. I applaud anyone trying to do something for charity. Like the concept or not, why be so negative about it?

    • because it is hideous! And who is actually buying it? Who is wearing it? Yes, great of them to do something, that is brilliant. But with this? Would they have not been better sinking their energy into something that people ACTUALLY wanted to buy?

      Design something to put on my dog’s collar that says “the woman holding this lead supports Breast Cancer awareness” and i will gladly pay £20 for it.

      I will not donate £1 via this thing.

      And judging by the comments below, nor are many other people.

      • Evidently the little bunny can be attached to a bag or anywhere, and it clearly says it’s a limited edition. The actual product line are chocolates and greeting cards. Personally, I admire them for taking a chance and wish them every success. Don’t buy it but why be so angry about it?

        • I am angry about it for the reasons I have stated in the post. I think it is an insult that you sell something called a “bra bunny” focussing the attention on a part of the body that many women who have suffered from cancer would rather people didnt stare at.

  • Actually I do think the name is slightly weird but I can look past that to the intent. I’m missing most of one of my breasts and a nipple due to this disease and I had to get over worrying about being lopsided about 3 years ago. I opted not to have reconstructive surgery as it’s part of who I am now and it’s a good reminder that mosts things in life are pretty small. I’m certain that I wouldn’t be alive right now without breast cancer research. I don’t care if you buy a damn bunny but please encourage others to support charities.

    • Sorry that you have suffered Amy

      But please don’t ever sugggest that I don’t do an awful lot of fund raising for charity and encourage others to do the same.

      You will see from posts on here that I don’t send Christmas card, instead donating to charity. I was an ambassador for Give as You Live and continue to do all my online shopping using their app so money from EVERY purchase I make is donated to charity.

      I volunteer for Victim Support.

      I have blogged about Sport Relief and Comic Relief.

      I too have had scares with breast lumps.

      The point of my post is that this “thing” is not raising money for charity. People are not buying it. That is the point.

      And if you read back through my blog you will see that suggesting I might not be encouraging the support of charity is very very wrong.

      • I do apologise and I’m grateful for all that you do for charity. I’m just sensitive about this. My daughter’s paternal grandmother died of breast cancer and with me having the disease, she’s getting it from both sides. I pray that there will be, not only better treatments but, a cure very soon. Again, I sincerely apologise. I would certainly encourage everyone to check out charities before supporting them blindly.

        • Amen to that Amy. Amen. I long for the day that there is a cure.

          But until then I would far rather people gave teh whole £8 to a cancer charity than £1 and another £7 for a pink thing. I don’t believe this thing does anything to either raise awareness, or a decent amount of money. And that is such a wasted opportunity. If this couple feel so strongly about doing somethnig for charity, I applaud them. But this? No, sorry. This is not the best thing they could have done to raise money. Or awareness.

          And that is the point I am ranting about.