Ranty Friday — Selfish Drivers


Having a bit of a rant today about drivers that don’t think one step ahead.

You know the ones.  The ones that think “Keep Clear” signs painted on roads don’t apply to them.    They think it is decoration and that if they drive into them and don’t make eye contact with anybody we won’t notice.

Or those that are in a slow moving queue of traffic, you are in a side road waiting to join that queue and do they let you out?  Hell no.   That would delay their journey but three nano seconds.   Not only will they not let you out, they are going to stop right across the junction so you can’t even nose your way out.

Or when you are waiting in the middle of the road to turn right into a side road.   You have a queue of traffic patiently waiting behind you.    Coming towards you is another steady stream of traffic that you cannot cross.  And then you see a car that is indicating that they want to turn into the same side road as you.   Surely they will slow sufficiently to allow you to turn in front of them?

OH NO THEY WON’T.   Because, yet again that would slow them down by three nano seconds and they are FAR too important to even contemplate letting somebody out in front for them.

So please fellow drivers, stop being so damned selfish!


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  • Please don’t forget those who don’t know the rules of roundabouts x

  • YES!!! This!! A million times over!

    I live in a city called Inverness. Quite notorious for poor driving and inconsiderate drivers. People who’ve lived elsewhere and bigger cities etc all say its miles worse.

    I get driven out of my mind by inconsiderate eejits on the roads. Those who don’t think they need to indicate… WHAT IS UP WITH THAT!? Selfish beyond belief (and not to mention dangerous too).

    We have yellow boxes here, lots of them. Not that there’s much point – nobody feckin follows the rules of not going into them unless their exit route is clear. Meaning massive backlogs and traffic jams and others not able to move at all because of THEM.

    I always let people out. Leave spaces at junctions that traffic can enter that road if they need to. I mean c’mon you’re in a traffic queue as it is. There’s zero traffic from that street wanting to pull out in front of you into YOUR queue you’re in. So why block the street so folk can’t drive INTO it? So that they’re stuck there blocking THAT flow of traffic now.

    Oh okay… I need to stop now. Blood pressure is rising… and I fear I won’t be able to stop on my rants!

    Will write a ranty post too for this 🙂

    Nice post!

  • I don’t drive (I can, but I hate it, one of the many reasons being the other cars that behave like idiots and scare the life out of me) but I totally empathize, I hate idiotic drivers, and have done my fair share of gesticulating, and ranting from the passenger seat. Yesterday, in Sainbury’s car park, (why is it that even sensible drivers turn into maniacs when the quest for a car park space is happening?) I was yelled at by a driver who decided we weren’t unpacking our trolley fast enough, because we were in a much coveted parent and child space, (and yes, we did have the kids with us) and then another driver got stroppy when a disabled lady was trying to cross the car park, he didn’t signal to tell her he was turning, so she didn’t see him, and he nearly ran her over. Charming!