Ranty Friday — Unhealthy lifestyles promoted in soaps

No I am not ranty about unhealthy lifestyles, per se.   Blimey, I am in no position to speak about  unhealthy lifestyles (and any suggestions I may have had a biscuit for breakfast earlier this week, and I don’t mean one of those overpriced breakfast biscuit things, I mean a Digestive, is unfounded).     I am ranty about a recent study that has found that, apparently, soap operas are promoting unhealthy lifestyles

Well excuse me whilst I do a swear, but no shit Sherlock.

Co-operative food have commissioned a study, in conjunction with John Moore’s University and published their findings this week in Retail Week:  Blah Blah Blah.   They have watched over 830 hours of soaps to come up with the bombshell piece of information that soaps promote unhealthy lifestyles.

Who funded that?

Who paid for researchers to sit and watch TV and make a note of how many bags of chips were eaten in a week?

I tell you what, they should have saved themselves the bother.   They could have given me £50 and would have told them that:

  • You never see anybody brush their teeth.  Ever
  • You never see any woman taking off her make up before bed.
  • You never see anybody wait longer than a week before jumping into bed with someone.
  • You never see them talking about contraception.

Added to which, and this where I go off on a tangent here….. they all live in the local cafe.

When did you last go to the local cafe for breakfast on a work day?  They seem to have a fry up everyday.   Or be getting the daily bun run for the rest of the people in the office.

I am sorry but does that really happen?

How the hell can they afford to be eating in a cafe three or four times a week?  And also stopping off there for take away sandwiches?

Does it really take a bunch of academics to tell us this?

No.  I don’t think it does.

And by the same token are we all unhealthy because of what we see on TV?   Do we really believe that all that stuff is real and that we should forego the gym because nobody in Corrie goes to one?

Do me a favour.    We also don’t see them talking about football on soaps but you don’t see football grounds empty of a Saturday afternoon.

Now, where’s my fifty quid?


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  • I totally agree. I think the no contraception bit winds, me up most. I don’t actually watch too many soaps any more, to be honest, but when I do, I do wonder at if they are really supposed to be based on any kind of reality??

  • And they’re always in the pub… And a lot of them smoke… And they’re always fighting… And finding long-lost relatives… Do they influence us all into finding long-lost relatives? I think not. So we just accept them as entertainment (if you like that sort of thing) – a not completely accurate representation of real life. Because real life might be a bit boring.

  • ha ha. Yes. They are hardly going to promote Bianca making a healthy salad in her kitchen when all the action is in the cafe are they?
    Nobody goes to the loo in soaps either….they must be seriously constipated.

  • I don’t watch soaps… but surely they’re entertainment, not documentaries. Having said that, I remember when I stopped smoking that every time someone lit up on TV my cravings reached almost critical levels.

  • I tend to avoid soaps like the plague, but I’m with you on the research thing! We’re in the wrong profession, we could make millions by telling people the bleeding obvious!

  • Do you know, this is one of the exact reasons that I stopped watching all soaps. I know they aren’t supposed to show stark realism but the lack of anything even vaguely approaching real-life was such a distraction and I stopped enjoying them. That, and the BBCs insistence on showing murder and people trafficking on Christmas Day. It’s one extreme to another with these feckers.