Royal Mail Fail

So let’s say you have something of value to post.   For argument’s sake some vouchers from a luxury department store that are an item for a friend organising a raffle.   The top prize to entice people attending a village fete into buying raffle tickets for a very worthy charity.

You want to make sure they are safe in transit from the midlands to the home counties so you take a trip to your Post Office.  You pay to send them Recorded Delivery and are duly given a tracking number.

Here is what the Royal Mail’s own website says:

Excellent.   “Complete peace of mind”.

Until this happens:

The delivery doesn’t happen.

The item cannot be tracked in transit and there is nothing you can do about it.  Nothing.

Your item is lost / stolen / mis delivered and kept by the recipient.   Who knows?

In the meantime a raffle goes ahead without this generous donation.

Do Royal Mail care?


So actually, there is no peace of mind at all.   Just frustration.


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  • Just can’t get the hang of this!!

    Now where was I?
    ……A Blair, Esq. if all else fails.

  • Nightmare!
    Thought the bit I lost before had ‘posted’!

    What I said was:: – Would Trading Standards have a view either at local or National Level?
    We’ve got all these lovely people on our payroll and working for us – might be worth a try! They may have an unknown channel direct to the upper echelons of Royal Mail.

    [ Are there courses available to help people like me? If not there should be! ]