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Running a household without stress

No matter whether you have a high flying career that you are exceptionally proud of, or whether you stay at home with your children and attend every school run and assembly, we all, as women, probably have one thing in common. We all have a household and home to run and keep in order. Yes, some of us will have more time, and yes some of us may have better financial situations than other, but the one thing we all have to do, no matter who you are, is keep your home clean, get then bills paid on time, and generally keep things in order.

The problem is that this one thing we have in common can be the very thing that causes women to lose their marbles from time to time. Managing everything, and keeping all of the plates spinning, no matter what they equal to, can be extremely overwhelming. And it is okay to admit that. So if there are ways of saving money, making things easier, or hacks that you can try to help you stay in line, you are going to want to know about it. So here are some of the ways that you can run your household effectively and happily and avoid losing your marbles in the process.

Keep on track with the finances

It may be one of the most boring elements of your routine or day, but your finances are the thing that enables you world to keep own running. Money doesn’t make you happy, it isn’t about how much you have or what you can do with it. But money makes life a little easier and having enough to pay the bills and to survive can be a huge relief to so many. This is when keeping track of your finances and budgets is an essential aspect of running your household. Regular payments and direct debits mean that you don’t need to worry too much about getting things paid. Keeping track of what leaves your account means you always know where you are up to. It can also help you to see what extra could be worth having.

Make savings when possible

It is also important for you to ensure that you make savings where possible. This is when the extra money can come in handy for other luxuries in your life and to help boost your savings.  Meal planning can significantly reduce your food bill and things like switching from brands to supermarket own products can also help to reduce the costs. Also switching providers for things that you pay regularly like energy and insurance can also offer you big savings. We often don’t realise that these companies save their best deals for new customers so you can definitely take advantage here and make some savings.

Planners save lives

Who doesn’t love stationery and a chance to use a new planner? But on a more serious note, planners can really help you when it comes to staying on track and organised. They can be used for budgets and keeping up to speed with the financial side of things, it can help with expenses, and also things like upcoming events. From assemblies and children’s schools to doctors appointments, these are often the things that you remember at the last moment and cause you more stress than is necessary. Get back on track by writing things down. If you prefer to keep things digital, then use your phone calendar or even sync it with your partner or older members of the family. This way you can all stay on track and be aware of the logic it’s and what is needed. This can also help for things like meals and knowing who is combing and going from the home, especially important for older children when they begin to have their own lives and social engagements.

Communication can help

It may sound like an obvious suggestion, but as mothers or wives, we are not mind readers. How are you to know that you son has got a football match that you all need to attend because it is a cup final. How are you supposed to know that your teenage daughter is attending a gig and you need to be the mum taxi, and let’s not get started on partners working late or children wanting to attend their after school clubs and activities. You cannot do it all, but communication can really help you to stay on track and allow you to plan ahead instead of things being stressful and last minute. Talk about things, have a family Whatsapp group to communicate events and what is going on. It can be the small things like this that can make a big difference.

Organisation is key, but it isn’t a military operation

It isn’t always about being super organised and on the ball, but a little bit of organisation anda routine can help you to stay on track. It might be that you choose a Sunday to get things ready for the week ahead. Iron things that need to be done for that week. Plan meals knowing what you have going on and what your commitments are. Make a note of timings and where you need to be. It might be that you choose to this daily, or a few times a week, or once is enough. But the organisation can help. It isn’t even be setting things out the night before. Uniforms ready, clothes picked out, lunches made, or even drinks prepared for the morning. Make things easier on yourself as much as you can.

Be kind to one another and expect the same in return

Finally, it isn’t easy to be the one that is in control. You may love the role, you may do it because you have to, but always ensure that you are kind to one another, and absolutely expected the same level of respect back. Running a house while trying to do everything else is never going to be an easy ride, so give yourself a little credit when it is due.


Let’s hope these suggestions help you to keep your household in order without losing your mind.


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