Sage Appliance’s waffle maker

Sage Appliance’s waffle maker

You will know by now if you are a regular reader that I am a huge fan of Sage Appliances.   Huge.  Massive.

Everything they put their name to not only looks great, but works.   Like properly works.  The attention to detail is fabulous.   Incorporating things that you never knew you wanted on a kitchen appliance until it is sitting in front of you on your worktop.    Like the little “empty me” sign that pops up on the drip tray of the coffee machine.   Genius.

As soon as I saw the Smart Waffle Maker at the event we hosted in London, I knew we needed one.  Not wanted.  But needed.  And if the one in front of me at that event had not been the only one in the country I would have knocked it into my handbag.   I made Sage promise to let me know as soon as the shipment arrived in the country so that I could get my paws on one immediately.

The idea is simple.   It cooks waffles.   A variety of waffles from Belgian, to classic, to buttermilk, and works out how long the batter should be cooked for, depending on how light or dark you like the finished product.   (it also cooks cheese sandwiches but the less said about that the better).

The genius part of this machine is that around the outside there is a drip tray so that the batter doesn’t run all over your work top.   The double genius bit is that it cooks the batter at the same time so you get extra bits to munch on.  Like this bit on the right:

Waffle Edges


Cook’s privilege I call it 🙂

You simply turn it on, selecting the type of waffle you want to make and allow the machine to heat up.  It beeps when it is ready.  You pour in the desired amount of batter (it comes with a handy measuring spoon so you get just enough for two waffles with each pour) and then close the lid.   The machine then senses how much batter there is, the setting you have put it on, and how dark you want it to be, and does it all for you, in around 5 minutes.  When it beeps again you lift the lid and have two warm fresh waffles.   Which then lift out, leaving no mess.   A simple wipe with a piece of kitchen roll and you are ready to go again.

Now do you want to know just how much we loved it?  Well, I insisted on taking it on holiday with us to France.   I even bought a plug adaptor for it so that I knew I would be able to plug it in and nobody would steal it for a hairdryer.   This is us just as we arrived at our overnight hotel in France (the food was so rubbish I even contemplated firing it up in the hotel room).


Waffle en route

There are lots of recipes online that suggest using vegetable oil in the recipe, but the one that we use (that came with the instruction booklet) uses butter and I have to say tastes amazing.  I am not sure about using oil, surely you want that buttery taste to come through in the finished waffle?   Anyway we played around with the recipe and whilst in France threw in a few cherries:


And also made our own sauce with kirsch.   You know, as you do.

But actually I just love warm waffles with simple vanilla ice cream, isnt there?

There is also something about making waffles for breakfast.   Making the batter the night before and leaving it in the fridge and then firing up the waffle maker and producing warm doughy goodness that tastes great with golden syrup or a slice of bacon makes me feel like a half decent cook.   And sure beats toast!

The Smart Waffle is available on the Sage Appliances website and retails for just under £170

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  • Love the sound of this. I have a rather basic waffle maker which I use ALL the time but this sounds like a waffle lovers dream. May start saving my pennies for this. I also love that you took it to France – that’s the kind of thing I would do. I was very tempted to take my Sous Vide machine on my last holiday but it’s just too big!

  • It sounds super, super good. And looks LUSH!

    But before I fork out my hard earned pennies for this, I want a bit more detail about the cleaning up bit, please. Because that’s where I’ve always been caught out with waffle/burger/pancake/toastie type machines before – the promise of an easy clean, and then the two hours scrubbing away with kitchen towel and scourers and spays after. If you can promise me it really is as easy as a quick swipe, then I’m in.

    • Hi Dorky Mum 🙂

      It really is that super easy. Honestly. I have just had to wipe the inside of mine with a damp cloth. The measuring spoon ensures you don’t over fill it and if you do happen to get a bit over the edge, as I say, it cooks it so you can just peel it off. The plates are non stick and because it is hot when you add the batter, start cooking it immediately. When you lift the waffle out it just comes out whole, with not even a crumb left inside.

      I have a sandwich toaster that I hate for exactly that reason. The design of it means the hinge gets all the leaking cheese and it is impossible to clean.

      This however is a doddle. I think you would love it.

  • Why dos it not surprise me in the least that you took your waffle maker on holiday. Was it so you could have delicious waffles? Or just that you couldn’t bear to be apart from it?

  • I think I need to come and pay a visit to your house. I would suggest you just bring it here but know you have many other fantastic gadgets are your house.

  • I need one of these in my life. Although possibly not quite as much as their ice cream maker!

    Now then – weren’t you protesting not so long ago that you didn’t have a foodie blog? The evidence is starting to suggest otherwise!

  • Ooh would love to have a waffle maker here! And with all this talk of food, I’m suddenly getting an attack of the munchies!!

  • Ohh we love waffles in this house and for that reason I simple can not have one of these as we will just get even fatter and fatter as we won’t be able to resist! Mich x