Sat Cap — 3rd May

Pardon?  I hear you say.   Let me explain.   “Saturday is Caption Day” or “SatCap” as it is affectionately known is the brain child of ole Mammasaurus.   But last month she decided she wasn’t going to host it anymore and asked if anybody else wanted the job.   A few of us threw our blogs in the air and said “gimme gimme” and between us have decided to blog share it.     The first Saturday of every month it will be me, and so here I am.

The idea is simple.   I give you a pic.   You leave a caption for it in the comments.    If you are blogger you link up your blog post featuring a picture you would like everybody else to caption.

Job’s a good ‘un.

So come on then, what have you got for me for that beauty above?

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