September 24th

There are days in every year that you always remember.  Your birthday, your wedding anniverary, New year’s day.    Days where you sigh and say “this time last year” or “this time next year”.

For me, more than any other day of the year, that day is September 24th.   Not my birthday or my wedding annivesary, they are both in August.   But this is the day that I take stock.    The day that Mr B’s brother died three years ago.

The world changed that day and it is a day that makes me very introspective.  A day where I quietly reflect

I did just that last year when I wrote this post about September 24th:

Why this weekend is bittersweet

Well people have stuck around, as I hoped they might.  That means you.  Yeah you.   And more people have joined in the madness that is our life.

Mr B Senior is out of hospital and in just as good humour as he always has been.  Small changes have had to be made to Barrow Towers up north but he continues to be an extraordinary chap.

Lady B is an equally remarkable lady, never having five minutes to herself and constantly giving so much of her time to others.

My parents continue to amaze me with their energy and enthusiasm for life.  They are about to spend a couple of months driving their classic Jaguar around south America.  Yes really.

Mr B is still at work and enjoying it.  Though I still have no clue what it is he does.

And kids continue to be amazing.  C did her A levels and is now having a year out before going off to uni to do paramedic science, working all the hours she can and driving herself around having also passed her driving test.   J did his GCSEs and is now doing his A levels and is the one learning to drive.   And E is working on becoming Mrs Tom Daley the minute she turns 16 in two years.

As for me today?  Well I am taking Mr B out for lunch as we never get to go out to lunch.  In fact I can’t remember the last time we did.   Especially on a school day.   (we both have the day off which is unheard of).

We shall toast dear Roger and I shall shout at him in my head because I am still cross with him for leaving when he did but deep down we all miss him as much now as we did three years ago.

Depression is a bastard.   There is still a huge taboo around discussing this subject but if you suspect a friend or family member is suffering, pick up the phone to them tonight and ask them to tell you about their day.  Don’t ask them if they are all right.   They will say “yes”.   Ask them how they are feeling and how their day went so you get more than one word.

And then raise a glass to yourself for being amazing

See you same place next year?



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  • Humble thanks.Very impressed by the way you encapsulate your thoughts in such expressive phrases. So proud of you!

  • Depression is a total bastard. This is a wonderful, articulate and reflective post. Much love x

  • Lovely post, I hope you enjoyed your lunch and I hope that 24th September 2013 is even better than this one. Depression is an absolute bastard, you’re so right.

    • Maybe by talking about it just a little bit we will start to break down the bastardness of it. Thanks for your comment

  • Nice post.
    A decent legacy Roger has left is your posts. You reach a lot of people with your blog and your tweets and by talking about things like this, who knows how many lives you touch and how many phone calls are made?

    • Thank you Annie. We toasted at lunch and are now finishing off a very nice bottle of white wine. Indeed celebrating the life of a man who couldnt quite believe just how great he was.

  • I really enjoy the way you write. Depression is taboo & private, having suffered it for so long I often feel I should have a degree in it! I feel sometimes that friends & family lack empathy & that if they don’t ask me about it, it isn’t there, but it is it’s always there, I live it, breathe it every day, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s healed.

    • Hi Jan

      I am so sorry you are struggling. Do let me know if you think that writing would help. I would love for you to do a guest blog to help people understand what depression is like on a daily basis and how we can help, if only in a small way.


      • Thank you for your kindness, I would love to do a guest blog although I have never done any writing before. What would it entail?