Six songs of me

Bear with me a minute whilst I explain something, I need to take a deep breath


I saw this list on Nickie’s blog, and she was linking up to something she had seen on Kate’s blog, who in turn had seen it in the Guardian.


Got that?   Feels a bit like “my sister’s boss’ girlfriend’s aunt’s next door neighbour” but I think we got there….

Annnnnnnnnyway as I was saying… The Guardian mentioned a “Six songs of Me” project, trying to find out about “which six songs make you, you”.   I loved it so much I thought I would join in.

So here goes

What was the first song you ever bought

Elton John and Kiki Dee — Don’t go breaking my heart.   Released in 1976 and I still know all the words!

What song always gets you dancing

Bon Jovi — Living on a prayer.   There have been a few weddings of people I used to work with recently and at these weddings are a core of Irish nutters, or the Moyles family as they are more commonly known.   They are huge Bon Jovi fans and regularly go to their concerts.  When this song gets played it is the law to all get up and dance.  Those first few bars are the signal to put your drink down and GET DANCING. NOW

What song takes you back to your childhood

Smalltown Boy — Bronski Beat.   There are actually so many, all from the mid to late eighties.   But that one really reminds me of then.   Of being 15 and when I passed my test and had my first car this was the cassette I had on constantly in my car.

What is your perfect love song?

Wonderwall — Oasis.   Just a brilliant song and I remember when Mr B and I first met one of our first dates was seeing Oasis in Finsbury Park.   This just reminds me of then and how Mr B IS my Wonderwall

What song would you want at your funeral?

It’s the end of the world — REM.   Well because it is for me.   And the lyrics will be on all the chairs and people will be asked to sing.  But also I want to be cremated to the Countdown music.    You know the bit…. as it counts down the curtain closes.  Do de do de do de do de do doooooooo

Time for the encore, one last song that makes you, you?

Got to be Fat Bottomed Girls — Queen.   Especially when Freddie sings about being a naughty nanny.   That was my first job and my nickname at school was Granny because I always looked after people.   And I like to think that actually it is fat bottomed girls that make the rocking world go round, not skinny minnies.

So there you go.  The songs that make me, me.

What would yours be?

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  • Brilliant and one I can do…I think The encore would be my hardest to do x

    • I could have picked so many for each category. Especially the childhood song, there were so many around the mid 80s that whenever I hear them they take me right back.

  • What a brilliant idea! This is going to have me thinking all day. Considering I was probably six when I bought my first single, there’s a lot of music memories to trawl through!

  • I love this! Mind if I join in too?! Even if the answers will be terribly embarrassing?!

    • Please do join in! Make sure you link up on Kate’s linky on her blog too so others can have a nosey! (link is up in my post)

  • Oh my!! What FABULOUS tunes!!

    Elton John & Kiki Dee is one of my karaoke faves. I’m brilliant*
    Smalltown Boy is one of the best songs every produced by Bronski Beat. True Fact.
    Wonderwall is the first song my middle son ever learnt all the words to – a bit special because he had a speech impediment at the time.
    And Queen… well, I just adore anything and everything they do.

    I’ll have to arrange to dance with you to Bon Jovi at some point. I have Irish in me too.

    *this might not be true

    • Thanks Nickie! I can see you doing Kiki. I, too, think I can do it justice on Karaoke *throws down gauntlet*

      And as for Bon Jovi… you are on.

  • Ha ha Love Fat bottomed girls – my OH would say I should have chosen that too!

    Living on a prayer was always played on a Wednesday night in our ‘meat market’ club at uni. Classic that always got everyone on the dance floor.

  • Your encore tune is very classy – love it! And now I’m looking forward to witnessing a Bon Jovi dance off between you and Nickie – could be very interesting..

  • Wotcha! Thought I’d pop in and take a sneeky peek at your list too. Can’t believe I didn’t get Queen or Bon Jovi into mine anywhere – both classic tracks and so many others to choose from too – how did we do it?!