Sky Diving for Matilda Mae

I was on the plane preparing for our whirlwind trip to Ghana when I saw the devastating news that a fellow blogger, Jennie and her husband David had lost their darling nine month old daughter to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Nine months old and she had simply gone to sleep in her cot and not woken up.

It is every parent’s worst nightmare.   Jennie blogged about that dreadful day here:  Dear Matilda.  The night we found you sleeping

Annie, Penny and I sat on the plane and fought back tears.  About to embark on the most incredible experience of our lives, reporting 25 years of Red Nose Day, and there was one of our blogging friends dealing with something so shocking that we really didn’t know what to do.  Or say.  We sat helpless, literally strapped to our seats waiting for take off.

And whilst we were in Ghana, seeing amazing projects funded by Comic Relief, interacting with all the Team Honk supporters back at home, and having dinner with Davina and Jonathan Ross, in the back of our minds were the thoughts that a family were grieving.

Social media did what social media does best in times like this, it pulled strangers together.  Here we were, thousands of miles away, saying silent prayers for a baby we never met, born to a woman we had never met.   Back in the UK several hundred other bloggers and Tweeters were doing the same.

And have continued to do the same.   Not only supporting Jennie and David with virtual love and support but in other ways too.   Creating blog linkys.   Making sure that on the day of Matilda’s funeral we all changed our avatars on social media so there would be a sea of MM avatars.  Showing we cared and remembered.    We shared blog posts and retweeted tweets.   We did what we could whilst being miles away.  Trying to make the pain of losing a young child lessen, if that is even possible.

Jennie has continued to blog her’s and David’s moving story of their loss, marking milestones such as what would have been Matilda’s first birthday by sharing how they were spending the day and allowing others to mark the day too.   Candles were lit, prayers were said, all over the country.

At Britmums Live last week we remembered Matilda Mae too and many who had followed Jennie’s journey got to finally give her a hug in person after giving virtual hugs for five months.

In addition to those hugs and online support nine mums have now gone one step further.   One big step further.   One step that is thousands of feet off the ground.   They are going to do a sky dive in memory of Matilda Mae and raise money in the process for the Lullaby Trust.

The lovely Julie has written a post all about it here:  Matilda and #MMSkydive

The jump takes place on July 20th in Oxfordshire and if you can make it along, do. I am going to try and be there if I can, to cheer on from the ground and give hugs to everybody.

But more importantly, if you have a few spare Pounds, could you please sponsor one of these crazy ladies?  There is a Justgiving page set up here:  Matilda Mae Sky Dive

Or if you are on Twitter that weekend could you please tweet your support with the #MatildaMae and/or #MMskydive As that would be fabulous too.

Jenny’s post today is beautiful:  In memory of Matilda Mae  Do go and have a read.

Thank you

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