SodaStream Play — Review [AD]

We have been huge fans of SodaStream for a while now, so when we were asked if we wanted try out the new SodaStream Play we jumped at the chance.

The idea is simple, as it always has been with SodaStream.   The machines may have changed shape over the years and the array of drinks grown hugely, but underneath it the idea is the same: making fizzy drinks for a fraction of the cost of shop bought alternatives.   A litre of fizzy water is just 17p with a SodaStream, so the savings can be huge if you are big drinkers like us.     We have been known to get through a box of 30 cans of fizzy drink in a week, not something we are proud of.   And of course those all end up in the recycling bin.   Not great, even if we do pat ourselves on the back for recycling them, it would be great to just cut them all out completely.   Which you can do with a SodaStream.

SodaStream also make sure that their drinks have at least 70% less sugar than pre packaged alternatives.  Which is a massive bonus when I am trying desperately to make sure we all cut down on sugar generally.

(Ed’s note:  You can of course also make sparking wine with cheap white plonk but that’s unofficial 🙂  (and a great way to clean the kitchen floor when you get the amounts wrong).

We all know the health benefits of drinking water, and that most of just don’t drink enough.   I drink loads of tea throughout the day but I rarely drink a lot of water.   By having a SodaStream bottle constantly on the table I can make sure I get enough at regular intervals, and can see exactly how much I have drunk.  And I don’t get bored of just drinking tap water, I can mix it up with different flavoured syrups depending on what I fancy.

And talking of syrups, there are over 40 to choose from, including diet flavours, fruit flavours, flavoured fizzy waters, sample packs, energy drinks, you name it, they have it.    The majority of them are under £4 a bottle so you can afford to buy a few and have a selection on the go.   My current favourite is peach and pear which is fabulous.

Making fizzy drinks this way also means of course I don’t have buy massive bottles of stuff and lug it all home.   By the time you buy a six pack of Cola, another of lemonade, tonics, fizzy waters etc the boot is full of the stuff and there is no floor space in the utility room to store it all.   And don’t get me started on the fights over space in the fridge because there are no diet Cokes in there yet 45 full sugar versions.

All that…. gone with a SodaStream play.   But don’t just take my word for it:

Fiona Hope MD at SodaStream UK says:

We are determined to keep the nation hydrated this summer and make the experience fun and appealing for both children and adults.  Encouraging children to have a healthy and balanced diet is one of the biggest battles parents face, and drinking enough water plays a big role in this.  Children lose water faster than adults so they need to drink more to replace it, which can be a struggle, and the tendency is to reach for sugar-filled fizzy drinks.  With a SodaStream hydration station, you can create sparkling water and flavoured sparkling drinks at home, with 70% less sugar and calories than leading competitors, making drinking water interactive and enjoyable.

The Play is available in four vibrant colours, including white, black, red and yellow, to suit every kitchen worktop and retails for £69.99  For a full list of stockists or to purchase online visit   You need to buy a refillable CO2 canister to power it (it comes with one in the box when you first buy it) and if you take it back when you need a new one you get a small refund.


Photo of Sodastream, courtesy of Shutterstock

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  • So… out of curiosity did you make fizzy wine? I tried to do it with mine and it didn’t work, so was wondering if you’d had more luck than I did!

    B x

    • I did indeed make fizzy wine. It was lovely! But you can’t put too much liquid in the bottle as it does grow in volume and if you use too much you end up with half a bottle of wine on the floor