Some of the many reasons I love Twitter….

If you know me at all you will know I am a Twitter addict.   My Tweets are rapidly approaching 16,000 and I think about 8 of those have been of any importance.

Mr B quickly realised that if he didnt join Twitter too he would never be able to communicate with me at all and so signed up.   One of the first people he followed was @stephenfry.   Everybody follows him.   It is Twitter Law.  It is also Twitter Law that you know he is on the Twitter Pedestal.  That is, he will Tweet but never you directly.   Nor will he follow you.   You accept this.

In February of this year Sir Stephen of Fry tweeted about a cafe in Paris that he had visited and one that should be on anybody’s “must do” list should they ever find themselves in the city.    Mr B remembered that Tweet and today we visited.   It was a decent stroll but in Paris with the sun shining it seemed to be no time at all.

The cafe is called Le Procope and dates back to 1686.   Yes 1686.   Le Procope wiki page is here which shows some of the people were there before us.

It was hard to comprehend the history of the place when sitting there surrounded by other tourists.   Still, the carafe of rose seemed to be the perfect tonic for our mild hangovers.

I am so pleased Bruce remembered that Tweet.   Without it we would never had found it and it is great to now be able to say “I have had a drink in the same bar as Napoleon”.

I had a similar experience earlier in the year with somebody I follow:  @emmaforbes.   Emma is in another class of Twitterati.   A celeb who Tweets regularly, replies to people who Tweet her and also who follows “ordinary people” such as me.

I love that about all the people I have in that category.  Not many people in this category for me, but I am touched that they follow me.    For me, it is really what Twitter is about.

Emma visited Paris earlier this year and commented on some extraordinary macaroons she had tasted.   My memory is full of day to day stuff and I cannot remember what day of the week it is most days so I instantly forgot the name of the establishment.   I tweeted Emma to say “what is the macaroon place called and where is it?”   Almost immediatly I got a reply from Emma that said “Laduree, on Champs Elysee”.

“YES” I shouted to nobody in particular.

So after our wine in the Saint German district earlier we wandered north and found the very place.   The queue was out of the door but that didnt stop me joining the back of it in anticpation of finally tasting one of these amazing treats. .

Once inside we were taken back in time to the 1860s to a time of elegance and finery.    Their website is here: Laduree

The menu was wonderful and, unable to chose, Mr B asked the waitress to bring me a selection of four small ones.

All I can say is “wow”.   They didnt disappoint.   Firm to the touch, but bite them and they turn to gooey fabulousness.

I have to find a way to buy some and get them back to Hampshire.   Even if it means buying a new bag to carry them in.

Now there’s an idea.   Which one of the people I follow can recommend a handbag shop in Paris?

So, Ms Forbes, thank you for your recommendation and for replying so we could find the Salon du The whilst in Paris.

I also follow another Paris expert @sj_parker  who is the wife of a TV presenster we met through another twitter nutter @gowercottage.     SJ and Martyn have been to Paris several times and were quick to recommend the Bateaux Parisien dinner cruise.

We did this last night and what an amazing experience it was.  550 people on a boat that cruises along the Sienne for three hours, at night with a four course dinner.   There are various tarrifs, dependent on position on the boat and SJ suggested, if we could afford to do so, we sat at the front in the most expensive seats.

It was wonderful.   The food was superb and seeing Paris at dusk and then lit up in the dark was unforgettable.   If we weren’t already married I would probably have proposed there and then.   We saw all of the sights that any decent Paris trip would include and the cabaret singer sang “New York, New York” as we saw the Statue de Liberte for the first time.

If I can work out how to upload pics I will, we have some crackers.

Twitter I love you.   Without you this trip would not have been as special as it is.


Photo of Twitter courtesy of Shutterstock

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