Sous Chef BBQ Smoker — Review


Time was if you wanted to have a barbecue you had to have a patio, or a garden, with enough space to stand the thing on.   You also needed a gas bottle, or had to have a huge bag of charcoal on hand in order to fuel it.   Then once lit it was up to one person to stand by and keep an eye on the food whilst the rest of your party sat round the table drinking, eating the snacks and had a good time.

Not anymore.

Sous Chef recently asked me if I would like to try their table top BBQ Smoker.  Now whilst we have the space for a larger barbecue there are times (let’s for argument’s sake during a global pandemic) that we haven’t wanted to fire such a huge thing up, but have still wanted to enjoy the taste of barbecued food.   It also isn’t much fun if you have to sit by yourself at the table eating all the snacks as your other half barbecues your dinner on his own at the other end of the table.  Step forward then a barbecue and smoker that is small enough to sit in the middle of the table, meaning you can both keep an eye on your dinner, whilst chatting.

Such a simple idea, and one that I love.  I can’t wait to be able to use it next summer when it can sit at one end of the table whilst the rest of sit around it together.   It would be perfect for S’mores at the end of an evening too!

The BBQ Smoker comes with everything you need, and does require some home assembly, but nothing too arduous and we had it put together and ready for dinner in less than 15 minutes.   They are available in either black or red and sell for £69.50 plus delivery.

Once assembled the BBQ Smoker uses charcoal and comes with two compartments, one larger one for direct grilling, and a smaller one for smoking. The beauty of this is that whilst barbecuing you then have two zones to cook with, direct or indirect heat.   Grilling over indirect heat isnt something I have ever thought about doing before but it means you can do things a little more interesting such as a whole chicken or a whole fish.  It cooks in a similar way to a conventional oven, and takes longer but that only intensifies the flavours.

Fill the smaller section over on the right hand side with wood chips and you have a smoker that allows you impart flavour into a piece of salmon, or maybe smoke some nuts to go with your drinks later in the evening too.

The temperature gauge on the top means you can regulate the heat to ensure it doesnt get too hot when cooking, or is the right temperature for smoking.

This BBQ is also small enough so you can put it in the boot of the car and take it away with you for the weekend or to the beach (local restrictions permitting obviously) and enjoy a barbecue without having to resort to those disposable things, which, let’s face it are pretty useless.    I can just see us putting this in Betty the Bus when we head off for the day next summer, and using it to rustle up a cooked breakfast for two on a Sunday morning.

I love this little BBQ, it really is a great addition to our garden, and would make a superb Christmas present idea for a foodie in your family too!

You can buy the BBQ Smoker here 

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