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As I sit here laughing at Let’s Dance on BBC1 it is easy to think that is all celebs do for Sport Relief.   A bit of dancing about whilst raising money.

We forget though that these celebs put themselves in the spotlight and out of their comfort zones to raise money for this amazing charity.

And no celeb has been out of their comfort zone more than John Bishop.   John is my favourite comedian, we have seen him twice in the last year, and never fails to make me laugh.   But my utter respect for him has gone to a whole new level this week.

Whilst I was fannying about on this blog, doing some work, moaning at how tired I was just by doing my usual thing he was putting himself through a whole new dimension of hell.

Monday morning he set off on his bike from the Eiffel Tower in Paris to Calais.   As you do.   185 miles.   He fell off after about ten miles but still got back on and carried on cycling for over 18 hours.   18 hours on a bicycle saddle.  I don’t think I have done 18 minutes in the whole of the last 18 years.

After just an hour’s sleep he got in a boat and began rowing across the Channel with Davina McCall, Denise Lewis and legendary (pedalo) rower Freddie Flintoff.   Another six hours of gruelling madness clocked up.

Then he spent three days running three consecutive marathons from Dover to Trafalgar Square.   His last marathon was only completed with the help of his Smurf tape:

John said himself on Friday on being told he had raised £1.6 Million

It’s absolutely staggering. I’ve seen the projects that Sport Relief supports and the great thing is it’s not only going to help people abroad. You can get in your car anywhere in the country and within 15 minutes you will find a Sport Relief funded project.

If you haven’t already donated.  Please do it now.  £1.6 Million is a staggering amount but Sport Relief will always need more to carry on the amazing work they do.

Please please please visit this website and either sponsor John or donate.  Every £1 makes a difference.


Best Brit Bloggers are hosting an Online Mile challenge for all non sporty bloggers to do their bit for Sport Relief.   Bloggers taking part are NOT being paid to do this, simply asked to take part to help raise awareness so this is my contribution.

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