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Trying to work out where to go for a summer break this year is trickier than booking your usual summer holiday. You dont have to just worry about flight times or whether to do self catering or all inclusive, you have to take into account travel restrictions in this country, and your destination country. For foreign travel advice keep an eye on the government website but that done, where to?!


We love Malta. As you may know we have been a few times because the company Mr B works for has an office over there so he has been a few times for work, with me tagging along when I could. And it is where some really good friends got married a few years ago. Malta is just three hours away from the UK, so if you are looking for a destination for a long weekend it is perfectly doable. You also dont need to hire a car (and in fact parking can be a bit of a faff so we don’t bother anymore) but can get around by bus, or by walking. There is also lots to do, aside from lying by the beach or pool, and being such a small island you can come away after just a couple of days feeling you have had a great holiday.


Cyprus has a very special place in my heart as my parents lived there for a number of years. Which means for a couple of summers we were able to head over there for a fabulous villa holiday. Perfect when the children were small and we didnt really want to do much other than laze around in the sun reading books and eating ice creams. When we did want to venture out there were plenty of beaches near by, hundreds of fabulous Tavernas for sundowners and incredible food. My kids grew up thinking mezze was how people on holiday always ate! If you want my advice on where to go, I would suggest Paphos. Not only is it stunning, but there is lots to do, with a really vibrant harbour for evenings out. Plus the weather in Cyprus in September is still 31 degrees on average, and the sea 28 degrees. What more do you want?!


Of course holidays this year don’t have to just be about summer sun. One of the best holidays, and therefore, highly recommended by us, was our trip to Iceland a couple of years ago. Rarely do we sit on the plane home already planning our return but we did on this one, it was better than we ever imagined. If you want to go later in the year you will heading into prime Northern Lights season (from November onwards) but even if you go over the summer there is still so much to do. It doesnt matter what time of the year you go, you can still enjoy cocktails in the Blue Lagoon or a wonderful afternoon lazing by the Secret Lagoon! And when you visit the waterfalls you wont have to worry about traversing the skating rink that doubles up as a car park in the winter.


We have already booked a trip to Holland for next year (making the most of the extra bank holiday in June thanks to the Queen’s Platinum jubilee). There is so much to do in Holland, from a fabulous city break in Amsterdam to cycling holidays in the countryside (thanks to being flat you wont have to worry about any hills!) meaning its a great spot for a summer break. Make sure you find some time for chips in a cone with mayonnaise though, they are next level!


Along with the other Ballearic Islands Menorca is (currently) on the Government’s green list, meaning that you wont have to quarantine when you return, and nor will you have quarantine when you arrive. Menorca is a lovely little island with lots of opportunities to explore (I would strongly suggest hiring a car), and plenty of unspoiled areas waiting to be explored. Bags of year round sunshine too mean its another great spot for the last minute summer break.

Wherever you decide to head off to this year for a summer break, even if it is in the UK, do let me know where you go and how it was!

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