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Switching energy suppliers

Yes, I know. It’s just too much hassle. Staying on top of the latest deals, doing the sums to work out why one “best ever deal” is better than another “best ever deal” but what if I told you switching energy suppliers could be stress free, take minutes and will undoubtedly save you money?

With most energy suppliers you get lured in with a great “introductory offer” and once signed up you sort of forget about it.  Not noticing that the tariff has changed and where it was once a good deal, it no longer is and you could be saving money elsewhere.   Life gets in the way and checking these sorts of things just never seems to get to the top of the “to do” list.

Or maybe that initial deal was worked out using the house in fantasyland that isn’t yours, isn’t real, and so the savings never materialised. And it’s basically impossible to work out how they relate to your real house and your real bill and if you switched would you just be doing the same thing again.  So you don’t do anything and stay where you are.

It doesn’t need to be like that.  Let me introduce you to Look After My Bills

It’s a free new service from energy switching site The Big Deal.  The Big Deal was established in 2014 and has grown to over 400,000 members, using their collective bargaining power to negotiate exclusive deals in energy and broadband.   It has saved each of its members an average of over £300 a year,  a total of £15 million, switching over £120 million of custom in energy and broadband to better, cheaper deals.

Now Look After My Bills has been launched to help reduce people’s energy bills without them having to lift a finger, saving them both time and money.   All you, the customer, need to do is sign up to Look After My Bills and they will then assess the market and switch you to a better energy deal.   The team then continues to check the market and automatically switches you again to another good deal with the current deal is coming to an end.

Automatically switches you again to another good deal

That line is so good I had to say it twice.

When you sign up you can even add extra conditions (green energy etc) and “the team” check that too.

My granny has been with the same supplier for 12 years.  It *was* a decent deal but I’m sure there are much better low-use tariffs available now. She has moved into a care home now, but in the intervening twelve years has never switched her bill, or even looked into doing it.  She isn’t online and hates talking to people on the phone, so just hasn’t considered it.  Plus she is from a generation where you didn’t have the choice that we now have, so it probably hasn’t occured to her that it is possible to shop around.  Fiercely independent she wouldn’t let us do it (and data protection means we can’t do it on her behalf) so it never got checked.  Potentially costing her thousands.

Besides switching is always such an arduous task, have you made the right choice?;  trying to get through to a call centre to do it; having your bill to hand with all the info: it all takes time.   And who has the time to do that?!  AND you have to keep an eye on things every year to make sure that deal is still the best one.

Not any more my friend.

We have now switched my granny’s tariff because she has moved into a care home and with paying those costs, and keeping her bungalow going whilst we sort out selling or renting it out, we are very conscious of the money it is costing us to run it.   And she finally allowed us to make these sorts of decisions for her.

If you want to give it a go, just click this link here:  Look After My Bills    It won’t cost you anything (Look After My Bills get a commission from the suppliers for a new customer) but I will get a small “thank you”.   You know me though, if I didn’t believe in something I wouldn’t be telling you about it, we signed up straight away, with a suggestion we would be saving £309 a year.    Add that to the similar amount, having signed up my granny and we are now saving over £700 a year

For spending two minutes filling in some details online.

A big enough saving to have a city break abroad knowing we don’t have to worry about our fuel bills again.

Now you’re talking.

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  • This is brilliant – I don’t know why I haven’t heard of it before?! I’m moving soon so I’m already researching cheaper tariffs so the timing couldn’t be better either.

    • Woop woop!!! So pleased you like it Helen!!! Sorry you’ve not heard of it before. Sadly we don’t have big marketing budget so can’t do TV ads but maybe one day! Fingers-crossed!!! Would love it if you spread the word??? And we’d love to know if you signed up and what you thought? 🙂
      Best wishes
      Henry from Look After My Bills