Team Honk 2016 #PassTheProud

Pass The Proud

I feel like I am on a mission to save the world at the moment.  No sooner am I back from a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan with World Vision than I am knee deep in helping jump start the Team Honk bus for Sport Relief this year.   And please don’t mention the other trip to west Africa with another charity that I have just turned down on health grounds.

So, back to the Team Honk 2016 bus.   It is back.   Pushed out of the garage where it is kept from April to January, jump started and ready to go.

This year we have kept it super simple for YOU, yes you, even you, to get involved.   You just book a slot during which you will fund raise.   You don’t even have to get out of bed if you don’t want to.   You can do a sponsored silence, propped up on pillows for an hour if you want to.   Or you could bake some cakes and sell them during your hour.   You could put your exercise bike in front of Midsummer Murders and pedal for two hours, raising money as you go.

It really is that simple.    As always there are some bigger challenges to get involved with if you want to, or they might give you inspiration for your own bonkers money raising idea.

It is all about #PassTheProud.    We want you to feel proud about what you have done and then pass it on.  A virtual relay if you like.   There is even a baton for you to print off if you want to do a photo of you “virtually taking it from the person before” and share on social media.    One of the greatest things to come out of Team Honk in the last three years is how people have felt after getting involved.   How their kids have felt when they got involved and did something to help.    We want to share that feeling and pass it on this year.   The official Sport Relief theme is proud this year and so we have adopted #PassTheProud.

There are going to lots of links in this post as I want to make it really simple for you to join in, and use this page as a bit of a bookmark when you think “how do I do that again?”.

So first of all:

How do you book your slot?

Scroll to the bottom of the main post on the Team Honk website (It is quite wordy but have a read and scroll to the bottom where you see the boxes to select how long you want you slot to be)   and then go from there.    We will then support you all the way, shout about you, share your efforts and thoroughly get behind in every way we can.    During your slot we will be tweeting, instagraming and giving you a massive pat on the back for all your are doing.

NB if you are a blogger, maybe see if you can get a corporate sponsor too?  We will shout about them as well.


How do I get a fund raising page?

Say that yes you are over 16

You are joining an existing team (the third option)

Type “Team Honk” in the search box

Click “Join Team”

Complete the registration (NB if you want your fund raising page to be for a small team of you then dont put your real name in, put your first name as the first word of your team name, and the surname as the second.  This is the name that displays as the fundraiser’s name and cannot be changed)

Confirm you are “None of the Below”

Then just personalise your page, add a pic, change the message, set your fund raising target.

You are done!

It is important you use this for fund raising as this adds your total to the Team Honk overall team total.  DO NOT use JustGiving etc as they take a percentage of your hard earned sponsorship, this way Sport Relief get 100% of it. 

This is the Team Page: and whilst you might be doing your part on your own you are very much part of Team Honk as a whole and your total raised is added to this overall team total.

“Give me some ideas of stuff that is happening”

Well I am so pleased you said that dear reader because there is some amazing stuff that you can join in with:

How about joining a Guinness World Record Attempt to visit every tube station on the London Underground.  All the info is if you want to get involved in that one.

Or how about a dash around all of London’s 300 museums and galleries in one day?  All info

£15 gives 75 Ugandan children with malaria life saving medication

£25 provides a young person in the UK who has faced domestic abuse with a one-to-one counselling session to help them overcome their ordeal.

£50 sends a disadvantaged young person in the UK on a sports coaching course, giving them the skills they need to find work.

Those are not huge amounts of money to raise, but the effect they have on the recipient will be monstrous.  Life changing.

You could change a life by just signing up and doing something for an hour.



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  • I do hope that, in all this frenzy of fundraising, you keep an eye on yourself. To help you recover from some medical mishap would require a great deal of money-raising by the rest of us!
    Much praise and applause for your objectives and your efforts to achieve – fantastic, as always, but – think on!
    While I’ve got your ear/eye let me lay first claim on a sponsored luge practice as popularised by Billy Connolly. I think I should have logged up a few hundred hours in preliminary training so I MUST BE FAVOURITE.
    Sponsorship details will be published later!