The best things in life are free




….. a great lyric from a much covered song.

And actually it is true sometimes.

Yesterday Mr B and I found “our beach”.    A spot we discovered on our honeymoon and thought that, due to lots of building work over subsequent years, it had been lost forever.

Back in 2008 we had stopped for fuel and realised it was lunch time so thought we would grab some rotis from the ovens at the back of the petrol station.  Rotis are like Cornish pasties but instead of pastry it more like a thin tortilla wrap.

Looking for somewhere to eat them Mr B turned down the side of a supermarket and headed down a dirt track towards the sea.  I was in a bit of a grump  massive strop by this point, knowing this was futile.   It is hardly the most scenic part of town.  Picture run down buildings, deserted cars, rubbish, public toilets and a stray dog.   And my lunch was getting cold more importantly.

We pulled into a car park to be greeted by a rusty cannon and some goats.  Triumphantly I said “see, I told you this was STUPID” and waited for Mr B to admit he was wrong and put the car in reverse.

“Just wait” said an ever patient Mr B, parking said car, getting out and heading to a gap in the trees.

Where we then saw this:

Our own Caribbean beach.

Yesterday, discovering it again, pretty much unchanged,  brought back memories of our honeymoon and those $2 roti.

And that despite having eaten at some of the best restaurants in the world, sometimes, just sometimes it is about the stuff you get for free.

A Bank Holiday on Barbados, mid day, and this is typical of so many of the beaches.   Deserted

We stood, we remembered, Mr B skimmed stones.

We left.

Happy that we knew it still existed and would hopefully still be there when we next returned.



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  • I couldn’t agree with you more, & that is why I used those words on my twitter profile (I too like the song!), as a sufferer to depression I often find comfort either by the seaside, or in a park, it certainly helps to keep the black dog under control, & as a free gift.
    I really enjoy reading your blogs & tweets, you help to keep me lifted. 🙂 Jan

    • Jan I am so sorry you are suffering. Depression really is the most awful of illness.

      Thank you for your kind words, they really mean a lot to me, and that you have taken the time to both read and comment makes me very smiley.

      Do I follow you on twitter? Please say hello so I can make sure I do.

      • Aw thankyou for replying, you don’t follow me on twitter but I will tweet hello to you, & thankyou again.