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With the clock change I think it is safe to say that we are all starting to think about the seasons changing to winter. Whilst I always think of Hallloween as autumnal I do start to think of the second half of November and into December as the beginning of winter. But what are the best ways to spend winter nights in? After all staying in is the new going out, right?

Dive into a box set

There is so much choice these days that it is often hard to know where to start with a new binge watch isnt it?. Prime / Now TV / Netflix / Terrestrial channels on demand, we often find ourselves scrolling for so long that we realise it’s bed time and we haven’t actually watched anything. Or we find something we love that only has six episodes and binge it in a whole night (The Serpent and Show Trial on iPlayer are two recent examples. Hello 2am when we finished). But now that winter is setting in we have made a concerted effort to get stuck into a box set that keeps us occupied night after night. Which is why we are now starting Dexter from the beginning, we have never seen it and with a new season just being released it seemed like a good time to start. Oh and there is a second season of Tiger King too. So that will keep us going until at least the end of the year.

Embrace hygge

Hygge, pronounced “hoo-gah” is all about embracing cosiness so goes hand in hand with staying in on winter evenings. Its all about warm winter socks, mugs of hot chocolate and sitting on the sofa under a sofa. And whilst it’s wonderful to think about evenings being all about the hygge, its even more lovely when it can be a Sunday afternoon too. That is the ultimate luxury for me. A post Sunday roast snooze on the sofa, a warm pair of socks, surrounded by closed curtains and a smelly candle burning in the background. Absolute heaven.

Putting up festive Christmas lights

Whilst I am all for embracing the winter nights in just after Halloween is also time I like to think about putting up festive Christmas lights too. For us that means having lights in the garden that sparkle and light up the trees at the end of the garden and this year we are going to add a few sparkly reindeer too. We have a very long, and dark, garden and this year we thought it would be really fun to have our own Rudolph to look at. In fact we have thought that it might be a nice tradition to add to the family every Christmas and build up our own little illuminated reindeer family. With added snowmen. And Father Christmas. What do you think?

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