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Another great theme.  I love black and white photos.  I agree with Tara, they really do give a greater depth of emotion, and you see things you don’t necessarily see when you have colour there too.

This isn’t a picture I took in black and white, it has been edited that way but it is one of my favourite photos on my phone at the moment.   Showing three of my favourite people, other than those with whom I share DNA obviously.   I love how it now means you really focus on the people in the picture and not on anything in the background, and really highlights skin tone.

It was taken at Heathrow just before Annie, Penny and I checked in for our flight to Kenya.   We were off on our next adventure and it was the start of this year’s Team Honk craziness.    As we approach this weekend and the main fundraising push it seemed important to remember why we are doing it and all those people we met out in Kisumu who are living proof of the lasting change that comes about because of the fund raising done here.

Yes we are going to have a laugh, and it is highly likely some of us, most probably me, will do ourselves a grave mischief as we dance for six hours at Wembley.    Giving up six hours of our lives to put on some silly clothes and just dance.  That’s all it is.  Dancing.  But the sums we are raising are going to be life changing for those that need it.    And that is what it is all about.

Mr B and I went to a 27 comedy gig last weekend, another of Comic Relief’s fundraising efforts and amongst the celebs that joined Mark Watson was Rufus Hound.   Towards the end he gave an amazing speech and said basically this

When people are at their most vulnerable, their most broken, they reach out for help, to people who can help, to people who care.   That person is you.  You are there when they need you most.   And that is something <insert swear word> amazing.

So this Sunday 2000 of us are going to be doing something amazing.  And those crazy fish up there will, no doubt, be photographing me at my sweatiest and my most hair-stuck-to-head-and-make-up-has-washed-off.

I pray to god they use the black and white filter on Instagram for those too.

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  • What a moving post and good luck to you all for the Danceathon. I am gutted I can’t join you as it ticks two big boxes – fun and raising money for a fantastic cause – but my MIL is most inconsiderately turning 70 and we have to celebrate that! I look forward to seeing the pics – complete with lots of sweat!

  • Hmm shall I tell you what I see on that photo? Four very happy people whose happiness radiates out. Really really lovely Mummy B x