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If you follow me on social media you will know that we spent the weekend in Edinburgh.  Sorry about that.   So with the theme this week for the gallery being cold, well it had to be photos from Scotland I am afraid.  Again.

We woke up to snow at home at 4.30am and I suggested to Mr B that we might consider cancelling. He is made of sterner stuff than me and dismissed the idea and so we first headed south to Southampton airport before flying north to Scotland.  There was no snow in Edinburgh but it was evident as we flew into the city.    I have wanted snow for a week and it has been teasing me ever since I blogged about it.  First of all it snows for an hour whilst I am inside a building with no windows.   Then it snows again overnight on a morning when I am leaving the house at 6am.   And finally I see snow when I at 20,000ft.

Whilst there was no snow in Edinburgh it was a beautiful, cold and crisp winter’s morning on Sunday and we decided to go for a walk up to Calton Hall which was only ten minutes away from the hotel.   A lovely lady called Margaret tipped us off that the view would be spectacular, and it didn’t disappoint.  It was stunning.


But freezing.


With a sky like that in January it can only come with biting winds.   Had it not been so cold I could have stayed up there for hours just staring at the buildings and out into the distance.   It was truly magical.




But cold.  So cold in fact that it drained my phone battery from 100% to 0% and with a full day of travelling ahead of us and no prospect of a plug socket I went into full blown panic mode and insisted we leave.  Now.  And head to the airport.  Knowing there was bound to be a Costa and they had plugs.  I mean tea and coffee to warm us up.

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  • It was indeed cold in Edinburgh on Sunday I can testify to that! Though I was in the warm shops on Princes Street rather than the exposed Calton Hill. I have to admit Calton Hill is one of my favourite places in Edinburgh, in fact I haven’t been for years. So seeing your pic has encouraged me to go back and take the kids to see it, I forget they have seen hardly anything of Edinburgh. Luckily I am only 30 minutes away on the train 🙂 Next time you’re there we’ll do coffee xxxx

  • A couple of glasses of antifreeze each is recommended when the weather is like that.
    West coast antifreeze tastes better in my opinion.

  • What a great shot from the plane! I was in Edinburgh only once, before having children, and loved it, but not in winter, it was in summer and it was cold!

  • Ahhh my hometown! I haven’t been through to Edinburgh in awhile but I can imagine it is pretty cold there just now.

  • The snowy picture from the plane is fantastic. I love Edinburgh. Last time we visited I was pregnant with my son (who is just about to turn six). Perhaps it’s time my husband and I take another road trip!

  • Scotland is so so beautiful when it’s bright and cold. When I say cold I mean bracing and it strips the skin off your cheeks, but beautiful nonetheless 😉