The Gallery — Colour

Tara’s theme on her Gallery this week is simply Colour.   Do you have any idea who difficult it is to find a photo that represents colour?  Most photos have a bit of colour in them but don’t actually scream “colour” to me.

I had a lovely hour trawling through old photos (which is why I love this idea for a blog post so much *high fives Tara*).  And I have come up with this one:


As photos go it is rubbish.  I should have turned the flash off.   But I was trying desperately not to look like a tourist.   Who was I trying to kid?!  It was Paris.   I quite clearly don’t resemble a Parisian woman.   And do resemble a tubby woman outside a cake shop taking photos.

Moving on from that though, the colours in these towers of Macarons are just amazing and that was made me stop and look at them.

I wanted one of each.



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  • So funny, got a vision of you taking pictures of cakes with a conspicuous flash and trying NOT to look like a tourist?!!!! LOL

  • Oh gosh darn it, now I want some. The purple ones. The green ones. Yellow. Pink. Brown. All of them. Do the brown ones taste of chocolate? In my head they do. *dribbles a bit* *books flights to Paris*

  • Ok, yep, I think that is worthy of looking like a tourist for.
    I assume you bought some!

  • lets get on a ferry and go now! we could be there in time for breakfast – can you remember the address?