The Gallery — It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I have been singing this song in my head for weeks.   Or humming it whilst scoffing another mince pie “to get me in the seasonal spirit”.   So it came as no surprise really that this was Tara’s theme for this week’s Gallery.

The thought did cross my mind to photograph a pile of Christmassy food.   Or crumbs from the mince pie I just scoffed.   Or my list of lists of things to do / buy / order / organise.   Or wrap the presents I have already bought and try and be smug with my “look at all of these” picture.   This time last year I had gift bags all lined up, one for each recipient in the family, all presents wrapped.   This year, not so much I am afraid.

I decided I was going to publish a picture of our real tree that is now up.   Not decorated yet, alas but it does demonstrate that it is looking a bit Christmassy in our house.    I took the pic and then set off to do the school run with E.   I mentioned I was doing this blog post and that it looked quite Christmassy as we drove through the trees so she grabbed my phone and snapped away all the way to school.

Just after 8am as the sun came up she took this


Slightly out of focus and the camera on my phone is not great but what a fantastic picture.   Sun coming up and frost on all the trees.

It certainly is starting to look a lot like Christmas



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