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My back garden lights

You have no idea how overwhelming the urge to pretend that all the photos I took at RHS Wisley on Saturday were actually from our back garden.   But anybody that knows us will see straight through that and know that our garden is far from floral.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love it to be, but I know nothing about plants.  And have no time to do any gardening.   It is further down our list of priorities than ironing.   So showing you our back garden for the Gallery this week could be a bit of a struggle.

Above is a pic of the latest addition, solar lights.  They hang on the fence just outside the patio doors and I love when they come on and light up in the evening.  I am going to get some more and cover the whole fence in them.

Here are some other highlights though of our sadly neglected garden.

Apple Blossom

This is the apple tree right at the end our garden, up against the shed.  In a very neglected part the garden that I have visions of turning into a vegetable garden in raised beds.  It will never happen but that is the dream.   I can’t wait for the apples to appear so we can get juicing.

Apple Blossom

We have two apple trees and this one is about two weeks ahead of the other one.    The pear tree is also about to come into full bloom too though last year we didn’t really have any pears, fingers crossed we do this year.   There is often so much blossom on this tree that when it falls off it looks like it has snowed.

Pear Tree

Under the pear tree is a swing that we got a couple of years ago, I have never been on (don’t be ridiculous) but I do love that it is there

The Gallery -- My Garden


I said that our garden isnt particularly floral, and it isn’t but we do have some flowers in pots every year.  And this year we have some flowers in pots that we brought back from Holland last month.  We planted these hyacinth bulbs and already they are in bloom and smell incredible.

Hyacinth Bulbs

This is the pot of labels that I will need one day when I have that vegetable patch at the end of the garden.

Garden 5

And finally you can’t be in our garden and not see one of these

Garden Cat

So there you go, a potted (did you see what I did there?  Potted?  Get it?) tour of our garden, that glosses over the edges of the lawn not being cut and the weeds poking through the flower beds.

And the mouse graveyard that is growing by the day too

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  • I’m a huge fan of solar lights – and I want the same ones as yours!! Your garden looks more than lovely and I’m jealous that you have apple and pear trees.

  • I love the swing and the solar lights – having ignored our garden all last year, this year I’m starting to think how lucky we are to have one and determined to try and do something with it. Your cat is beautiful too.

  • Those trees are fab. Had all mine cut down when we moved in as they blocked the sky / sun out completely and they were just huge sycamores. I’d love some fruit ones like these and yearn for a swing like that to hang from one of them too! Nice shots X

  • I love those solar lights, and our garden is ‘owned’ by our cat so we’re just her guests and are allowed to share her space. I do love that swing, that looks fun.

  • I think it is very pretty indeed, lovely blossom my favourite and that swing a place for memories to be made.

  • I looooove solar lights – they are my number one guilty purchase (well…one of them) whenever I’m anywhere that sells them. I love looking out at night and see them illuminate the garden. Those ones are really cute you have and I think I may now be on the hunt for some!

  • Adorable solar lights and so much lovely blossom in your garden. I love your honesty and visions for your garden. I also love the swing, that you haven’t swung in – I too have a swing like that in the garden and it gives me so much pleasure to simply look at it and be reminded of happy moments on a swing throughout my own childhood.