The Gallery — Red

In honour of Red Nose Day last Friday Tara has made the Gallery Theme this week, “Red”.  She wants to turn a big part of the web red today to show support for this amazing charity.   And to be honest our world has been very red this year for reasons you all know.

We have a stack of red noses, we have the red Pez dispensers, we have T shirts, mugs, bubbles and stickers.   You name a bit of Comic Relief merchandise this year and we have at least one of them.   And in most cases two.   And in some cases six.

And after the collective fund raising efforts of all members of Team Honk we were lucky enough to be in the audience of the Red Nose Day filming on Friday night.  Which meant doing some prep as there was every possibility we were going to be on TV.   Not only red pants over our trousers, and red shoes but at the last minute I decided to have red hair.

This pic was taken by Annie when she arrived at my house before we left to drive up to London.   Annie was stunned at the colour and remarked that she didn’t recognise me.   I do quite like it.   So much that I am sharing the pic with you.   You know how much I hate pics of myself generally so this is quite a big thing.

The downside is wrecking four towels washing my hair since, and every shower looking like a crime scene.


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