The Gallery — Sky

I love a big sky.  It is one of the first things I mentioned when we were in Cornwall at Christmas and as we headed down to Land’s End.  Just the sheer amount of sky you could see.  On a daily basis it is easy to forget jus how little of the sky I can see and just how much I love a huge sweeping expanse of sky.

I took hundreds of pics

I also took a similar number of pictures of stunning sunsets and red skies.

But can I find them to show you on this post today?  Can I heck.   I have a new laptop and one of my next jobs is to transfer all the old pics and sort them out in to some kind of order so I can actually find things when I need them.    The only pic I can find is one snapped on my phone last year when there was a stunning pink sunset over Fleet.

A bit lame by comparison to the Caribbean but still indicative of just how dramatic our sunsets and the sky can be!

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