The Gallery — Sun

Sometimes the theme for the Gallery needs just photos and not many words. This week’s theme of sun is one such week.


These are photos from our garden last night.  The last glimpses of sunlight leaving for the evening.   And of the sun as it comes up in our garden in the morning.

It is one of my favourite views from anywhere in the world.  We have lived in our house for a number of years now and I never get tired of that view, of seeing the sun move across the garden.   Watching the shadows as the day progresses.  We had such grand plans for our garden when we first moved in but they haven’t quite come to fruition yet, though that doesnt mean we haven’t spent many an evening out on the patio with a cold beer dreaming of big things.

Oh yes, we have summer houses planned, water features, new flower beds, stone paths, another sun dial.  A vegetable patch fulled of raised beds.  We have spent hours on Pinterest getting ideas.   Working out where loungers are in just the right position to catch the early afternoon sun….

And then we remind ourselves of budgets….

Ah well, a girl can dream, right?

PS this is the last blog post I will EVER write without having met Tara.   I am so thrilled that I am off to an event with Royal Caribbean on Friday where we will finally get to meet.  I am SO excited.  We have been Tweeting each other for what seems like forever, and I have been joining in with her gallery for nearly as long as I have been blogging.   So it will be great to FINALLY meet the lady herself.

There will be much hugging.

No doubt you will be hearing about it on this very blog very soon 🙂

And if you want a foreign sunshine picture, take a look at this post


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