The Gallery — The Eighties

Oh my word.  This is my decade.  I left school in 85 (shut up saying “how old?”), I went to college, I got my first job as a nanny, and had a career change to secretary.  I fell in love.  I fell out of love.

I remember Live Aid.   I taped the whole thing on TDK tapes.   I went to my first live concerts.  Music became a big part of my life and one of my favourite radio stations is Absolute 80s.

You name a fashion during this decade and I probably wore it.  Jumpers tucked in jeans / shirts out of jeans a belt around it / Frankie says / collar turned up and a jumper tied in a knot thrown over shoulders / huge felt bows above a pony tail / hair cuts that were almost like geometric patters / a wrist full of bangles that slowly turned my wrist green / brogues and socks with cropped trousers / dungarees …..

I could go on.

So wear to start with sharing a photo of the eighties for this week’s theme.   Well I am going to treat you to three:

Me helping to steer a boat, in Greece in (I think) 1984.  I loved that t shirt.

Oh where to start with this one.   I thought I looked so fabulous, matching my socks with my jumper.   My double denim….  my perm and my highlights. ….. my dad with a ‘tache.

I am not sure where mum and I are in this one but I do remember vividly that yellow shirt, shorter at the front than the back, standard huge belt over the top, ankle boots.     Hair that is shorter on one side than the other, very Phil Oakley.

God I loved the eighties.



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  • Ha ha! Fantastic…made me chuckle. TDK tapes jogged a memory of listening to the Top 40 every Sunday and recording your faves – finger hovering over the Pause button to chop off the DJ’s voice!! And Live Aid, very fond memories because that was my 18th birthday and got terribly wrecked (never drank Pernod again) lols xx

  • Great pictures! Those oversized t shirts were so popular weren’t they. I had loads – guess they used to hide the consciousness of being teenage.

    CJ x

  • LOVE! In my case, the super long collared shirt with the tail was worn over _another_ shirt with a collar, leggings, and ankle boots. Ah, fashion.

  • Great post Tanya-thanks for evoking some (very well buried) memories! I remember plum picking for a whole summer in 1982 to earn enough money to buy a flouncy/fancy/airyfairy/lacey New Romantic shirt. I LOVED that shirt *sigh* xx

  • You totally went for 80’s fashion!
    until I was thinking about this post – I’d forgotten about how much music was part of my life then. I saw so many bands.
    hasn’t this week’s Gallery been a great reminder!

  • That 2nd one is so very very funny and yet so very much like one I have of me. We were the bees knees and actually I sadly still think it looks quite cool. And back then I remember it was also ok to have curves, am I wrong? I’m sure stick thin wasn’t quite so required back then.

  • Hahaha. Ah the era that taste forgot. But I still loved every minute of it. The saddest (or funniest) thing for me is that I never understand at the time what Frankie Says Relax meant (“why are they telling me to relax?”) The innocence of youth

  • You looked pretty fab in the eighties! ;-D I wish I had joined in with this one