The Gallery — The Letter C

Yay, Tara is back from her amazing trip and we now have a new theme for the Gallery this week:  The letter C.

I was wondering about taking a picture of Champagne, or cake, or maybe even chocolate.  Any one of which I am well known for.  The latter moreso than the former, admittedly.

But then on Monday night an email dropped into my inbox that made me squeal

There had been a preliminary call from the BBC last week asking if the three original members of Team Honk might be available to come to the BBC on Friday to be a part of the studio audience for the Comic Relief event of the year.  And possibly not just the year.  But of the last 25 years.  For this is the big one.  The uber celebration of 25 years of doing something funny for money.





Coming together

Culmination of some of the effort that we have put in over the past few months.

Can’t wait!

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