The Gallery — World Photography Day

World Photography Day was on Monday and to celebrate this the theme on The Gallery this week is to photograph something on Monday.  Anything, wherever you were on that day, to show what you were up to on World Photography Day.

Well this was my Monday.

And I hate to brag.  But how lush is this?


In August.   Just outside quite a busy beach bar called JuJu’s, we arrived around 3ish having set off, seen it start to rain, turn around, get home just as it stopped and then head back again.   We were determined to get the kid’s boat out on the sea so ignored the greying skies and sat willing the clouds to go.

Which they did.

Around the same time I finished the third pina colada.

PS are the chips on the beach the best meal ever?!!!  Seriously.

PPS the book is great.



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