The gay marriage debate


Earlier this week Conservative MP David Davies is quoted as saying the following with regards to changes in legislation surrounding gay marriage being permitted in church:

“I think most people are very tolerant and have no problem at all if people are gay but – and I hate to say this, in a way, because I expect it’s going to cause controversy – but I think most parents would prefer their children not to be gay, knowing most parents want grandchildren if nothing else.”

I was horrified by Mr Davies’ comments.  Don’t all parents just want their children to be happy and content?   It is not necessarily about grand children.   And actually I know many same sex couples that have had children, either by sperm donation, surrogacy or via adoption.

I couldn’t give a flying fig whether my children marry men or women.   I just want them to have happy relationships and a partner who cherishes them.    Isn’t that what all parents want?

People are born gay, they don’t chose it.   It is important that they get the information they need to form relationships.    “Being gay” is not going to go away, far from it, more gay people are going to come out as society as a whole is more accepting than it was 20 years ago.

I just wish that it wasn’t an issue an at all.   That people weren’t defined by who they loved.   And that if they wish to get married in church they can.

Be it to a woman or a man.


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  • One bigot on TV last night said his objection is because “The sole purpose of marriage is procreation”. That statement, whether applied to gay or straight couples, is wrong in so many ways! Should a heterosexual couple without children be excommunicated?

  • shocking! i am with you as long as my children are happy i don’t care what job they have, house the live in, religion the follow or if they have male or female partners!

    I dont aim for grandchildren i aim to bring up independent, confident individuals that know what they want from life to make them happy and they go get it!

  • Too right. Davies’ statement shows a lack of awareness about what parents really care about. In my family and close circles there has been mental illness and sudden death at a young age. Most parents worry about THESE kinds of things befalling their children, not their falling in love.

  • Hear hear! Odious comments. It’s up to my kids who they choose to spend their life with, and frankly, I begin to think that parents who give too much thought into how their potential grandchildren come about are bordering on prurient.

  • Having children is a choice. The very idea that parents can influence their children s’ choice is so wrong in so many ways!

    All we should wish for our children is that they are happy and fulfilled AND are capable of making their own choices in life.

  • As a twenty-something in a girl-girl relationship, this post and these comments make me feel so happy! This week has been so hard, hearing so many MP’s rant about how people like me don’t deserve marriage, or that children shouldn’t be taught about non-heterosexual relationships or even that my relationship isn’t the equivalent to mine. Seeing that most people seem to think these people are utter idiots makes me feel a whole lot better!

  • I so agree. Love is a good thing and it shouldn’t matter who you love as long as you have love in your life and are happy.