The problem with 1D fans



is that they are their own worst enemies.    I have never seen behaviour like I have seen from fans of One Direction fans this week on Twitter.  Or actually, any week on Twitter.  They are a completely different beast.

This week we have heard on the news that Zayn, one of the merry bunch of five lads thrown together by  X Factor five years ago, has left the band.  I can’t say I am surprised, he tried to leave the band during the bootcamp round five years ago.   From what I have seen he has looked miserable when with the band for the past few months and I am surprised he has lasted this long.  I don’t mean that maliciously but he never looked happy in that line up.   There have also been rumours that there is infighting within the band and they can’t stand each other.  Even flying on separate planes.    I have no idea, nor do I really care.

But what I do care about is the reactions of fans to this news.

So let’s bring any of you up to speed who isn’t fully aware of what has happened.   Several years ago Zayn became engaged to a gorgeous girl called Perrie.   A fellow singer in another band.    From what I can gather they lead a fairly quiet life, well since we don’t see them on the pages of gossip magazines every week I can only assume.     Last week however, we saw photos of Zayn holding hands with a woman, not Perrie in a resort thousands of miles away where they are currently on tour.

Now I have no idea who that other young lady is.  Nor do I know what went on before or after those photos.  It is nobody’s business but theirs.  And Perrie’s presumably.

Zayn immediately flew home to the UK, with stress being the reason.  And since then the world of pop seems to have gone into meltdown, reaching fever pitch when yesterday it was announced he was leaving the band for good.

Who can blame him?  Firstly we pluck these kids, and they are kids most of the time, from obscurity and shove them in a room of a swanky hotel in front of four judges and the viewing public and critique their every move.    From the point of being in the public eye they become tabloid fodder.  Everything in their background is scrutinised and raked over.   As they make it big, the higher the pay cheque for any bit of gossip about them.   Get somebody to talk about drugs or sex in the same sentence as their name, and have proof, and well you could have a very nice holiday or even a new car with that information.

I am not saying they are not managed.   Hell I know people who have worked with One Direction and said in the early days they were very heavily managed.   But at the end of the day they are still kids.  And need to do what kids do.   Which is make mistakes.   Get drunk.  Phone in sick.   Miss a flight.    Be caught snogging in a night club.  These things are all part of growing up.   Part of learning from our mistakes, acknowledging they are mistakes and moving on.

Thank God there was no social media when I was a teenager is becoming a chant I say to myself on an almost daily basis.

Zayn is 22.   He freely admits in his statement that he wants to be a 22 year old bloke.  That he wants some privacy.

And who can blame him.

But what have One Direction fans done?  Well if you are new to this story you wouldn’t believe what some of them done.

Likened Perrie to Yoko Ono and blamed her for breaking up the band.

Hello.  What?  What the hell has Perrie done to break up the band?  Zayn was the one holding hands with a girl.  And let us remember it was only holding hands.  There are no pics of them in a hotel bed together.   Why on earth is Perrie being called the new Yoko.

Zayn wants some privacy

I am leaving because I want to be a normal 22 year old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight.

Why on earth are people tweeting Perrie telling her she needs to leave the band she is in?  That SHE has broken their hearts?

How can these so called fans of Zayn’s not take on board what Zayn has said and give him some privacy?

1D fans you all need to get a sense of bloody perspective here.   He is in a boy band.  He left the band.    Why is this really of any concern to you?  It wont really alter the course of your life in any way.

There have also been death threats.  Yes.  Seriously.

And some godawful campaign encouraging people to self harm in some kind of show of solidarity.  I can’t even begin to understand that.  And quite frankly nor do I want to.

Zayn left the band due to this kind of hysteria.   Because his every move is scrutinised.   Because every minute of virtually every day for the past five years has belonged to somebody else.

Enough is enough.

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  • You are quite right T. And no disrespect to 1D, but they are CERTAINLY not The Beatles.

  • Couldn’t agree more. It’s insanity. I mean I was a teenager once, I had teenage crushes on celebs, but it was NEVER like they seem to be nowadays. The fact self harm encouragement was trending on Twitter yesterday shocked me to the core. As someone with mental health issues and a history of self harm it worries me what is going on in these kids’ heads.

  • I couldn’t agree more there fans I like a new breed they are crazy, I find their songs quite catching and often find my self singing along in the car or whatever But I’m not going to be shedding any tears over this!! The way these fans are is just unhealthy!

  • A do worry for the insanity our pre-teens are heading for. It’s a full time job keeping them educated about/away from this type of mania. Well said Tania.

  • I liken these bands to waves breaking on a beach – essentially they are all composed of the same material, they are all transient in nature and once they have broken up on the sand – watch out! – here comes another one.

    Every so often a wave with a difference arrives.
    In my day it was every seventh wave which made a bit more impact and it’s the same with bands
    I agree with Mummy – leave the lad alone.

  • I totally agree, I really can’t blame him for getting out. Who would want to live like that x

  • The One Direction fans are Crazy!! Have you seen the hashtag #cutsforZayn Girls on about cutting themselves and sending him the pics. No need at all! BUT He was photographed today going into a recording studio in London….That is not staying out of the spotlight.
    My girl is a fan of One Direction and had a few strops last night…..Grr!