Thermos #OvernightCoffee challenge

Thermos #OvernightCoffee challenge

Funny how a year ago I wasn’t drinking coffee and now I can’t get enough of the stuff.    And from going to the London Coffee Festival solely to meet the guys from Sage Appliances I am now jumping at the opportunity to attend coffee related events the minute they drop into my inbox.   Buying coffee beans based on their roasting date and now fluent in flat white, macchiato, chai and latte.

It was such an email that meant I was dragging Mr B a few weekends ago at some ungodly hour to get into London for an event being held in a venue where baristas train, Prufrock coffee.   We arrived as the tasting was in full flow and as one of our two knowledgeable baristas for the day explained about single estate coffees and the relative merits of beans from different countries.    It was fascinating stuff and I loved seeing some people say they preferred one particular coffee over another.   Really cementing my thoughts on coffee being like wine in that we just need to find the one we like rather than saying “oh no I don’t like coffee”.   Something I did for years as I just hadn’t found the ones I liked.

We got a bit over excited as we spotted “our” coffee machine amongst all the others set up and ready to use during the masterclass.   Not so excited when we were then put our paces on latte art and exposed as being rubbish.   Though Mr B had a damn good try:

coffee art

The event was organised by Thermos.  An iconic brand who have been around for over 100 years.  Remember the days of having a Thermos flask and being terrified of dropping it because you knew it would mean the end of your flask?  To an extent they are behind us now and Thermos have moved with the times.   Clearly you can’t play football with a Thermos flask but they are much more robust then they used to be.   And look amazing. And no longer weigh half a tonne.   This is not a brand that has sat back and failed to keep up.

We were lucky enough to come away with a “Travel Tumbler” which I have loved taking on the school run with me.   In fact Mr B and I have had to fight over who gets to use it most mornings.

We were also treated to a flask of steaming coffee from the tongue twisting “Genuine Thermos Brand Vacuum insulated beverage flask”.   Now this flask is like no other.   I told you Thermos had moved with the times.    This flask came with a challenge known as the #OvernightCoffee challenge.    It claims it can keep a drink hot (or cold) for up to 24 hours.

That is some claim.   At the end of the event we were sent home with one, full of steaming Prufrock coffee and asked to keep it until the following morning and report back on how hot it was.

Well I can report back that it was hot.  Not steaming but it was certainly hot enough to drink, 23 hours after it was made.  And more importantly it didn’t taste like old stale coffee, it tasted like fresh coffee should.   I really liked it.   In fact I had a sneaky peek when we were coming home at midnight after the event and an afternoon in London and it had steam on it when I poured it out.   Not bad considering it had been in the flask for 12 hours.

I am not sure when you would need to have hot coffee 24 hours after making it but the fact that it means a long train journey maybe could be accompanied by hot coffee is a great idea.   I will be taking it to Camp Bestival with me next year though so I can fill it with hot coffee on the way back to the tent and then not have to get out of bed in the morning before having a hot cuppa.   At that point I think it might well be the best thing ever invented.


You can buy genuine Thermos brand products either online at Thermos or in high street stores, prices for the two flasks in this review are from £24.99 to £30.   A sound investment for any coffee loving commuter, and they make a great present.

We were guests of Thermos and left with the two flasks shown in the pics and some other coffee related goodies.  All words and thoughts are ours. 

Featured image of Thermos flask courtesy of Shutterstock

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  • Expertly made coffee is excellent and I do relish it. Problem is where to find this stuff.
    In a very large coffee-producing country I did a business tour and every visit brought
    at the reception desk a small thick coffee well sugared but without milk. In the office
    yet another identical coffee arrived.
    During a morning of meetings you drank perhaps 8 or even 10 such cups and the effect
    cumulatively was to induce a form of hallucination! Lunch brought a respite but by
    4.00 pm you were on your knees, or even on your back.
    At home my preferred tipple is Indian tea with full strength milk and two tsp sugar.
    Surprisingly such tea contains a high level of caffeine.

    You were obviously in a place where the coffee was first class and eminently drinkable.
    Lucky both of you!

  • You mean I could make my morning coffee BEFORE I go
    To bed and wake up to it hot?