Things to do in Bath that aren’t baths

There are so many more things to do in Bath other than the baths that I thought I would do a post listing my favourite things to do in Bath that aren’t the baths. Don’t get me wrong, the baths are fantastic and something you should do but equally there are lots of other things to do that might be a little over shadowed.

Bath is a relatively small city so it is easy to get around and see the majority of the city centre attractions, restaurants and shops and if you are coming in from out of town the train station is in the centre too. We stayed overnight at the Hotel Indigo Bath and made a weekend of it, there is certainly enough to do to fill a weekend, or if you get a hotel with parking to use it as a base and explore further afield. Places such as Lacock, just up the M4 would definitely be on that list.

Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey is an Anglican Church in the centre of the City, right next to the Baths. There has been a church on the site since 675 and there are tours bookable with knowledgable guides ready to tell you all about the history (from £8 a person). It is also possible to climb every one of the 212 steps up the tower, learning more about the vaulted ceilings and the clock face before enjoying the views from the top.

Assembly Rooms

If you are a fan of Bridgeton then you really need to visit the Assembly Rooms as it features in the ball room scene in the first series, and rumour has it that filming was taking place outside the building this summer in readiness for the next series. It is owned by the National Trust so if you are member entry is free.

No 1 Royal Crescent

No visit to Bath is complete without a visit to this iconic landmark. Much of it still residential the Crescent is also home to a hotel, and at No 1, a museum. It was the first house to be build on the Crescent and the museum shows you what life was like there in the 18th century. The museum is open from 10am to 5.30pm Monday to Sunday and it is recommended that tickets be booked in advance as there are only a limited number for sale on the day. Prices are from £11.50 per adult.

The Jane Austen Centre

If you love Jane Austen then Bath is a must, and I say this as somebody who lives in Hampshire, the county that calls itself the home of Jane Austen. I have visited her home in Chasten and the home of her brother and consider my knowledge of her time here quite extensive but I had no idea that she had also spent time in Bath. The Jane Austen Centre in the city is housed in a townhouse and once you have done a tour with an experienced guide you can enjoy the tea room. You can even dress up in costumes and pose for selfies as though you were starring in your own episode of Pride and Prejudice. Tickets are from £12.

Sally Lunn’s

There can’t be many people that haven’t heard of Sally Lunn’s Eating House when talking about Bath. It is reputed to be the oldest house in Bath is where the Sally Lunn Bunn was first served. It has been on the site since 1680 and is now open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, afternoon tea and dinner or drinks before the theatre. You can also order the world famous bunns online and have them delivered nationwide. Entrance to the museum is free if you have enjoyed drinks or food in the eating house, or 30p if you dont have time for that but want to see the museum. Did you know that the bunns are served as either tops or bottoms? Tops are for the sweet items on the menu, and the bottoms used for savoury generally but if there are two of you then you can ask for one of each to see if you can tell the difference.

If you are planning a visit to the area I can highly recommend checking out the Visit West website for all the upto date info on entry and events.

And on the way home, you might also want to take a detour to Avebury Manor and the stone circle which makes a gorgeous walk.

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