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Things to do over the Christmas Break


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Whether you’re going to be overrun with your own children, bouncing off the walls and eagerly anticipating the arrival of Father Christmas and his reindeer, or you’re a grandparent who’s offered to give mum and a dad a break over the festive period, or you just want some “you” time after a hectic year and an even busier Christmas build-up, then you’re going to need some ideas of how you can spend your time effectively and make happy Christmas memories that you’ll all look back on and smile.

Here are 4 activities you can do alone, with the kids, or with someone you love over the Christmas break. Enjoy!

Get crafty

Tis the season to get making! Many people find great comfort and relaxation in being creative, so whether that’s sewing, making some Thank You cards from scratch, painting or drawing, it’s a lovely way to spend a rainy afternoon after the hype of Christmas. If you have little ones around then there’s nothing wrong with going back to basics; head online and download some Christmas colouring pages, print them off – check out for all your printer ink needs – and then let them loose with pens, felt tips, crayons, water colours, googly eyes, glitter and whatever else they can get their hands on. A little time away from a screen will do wonders for their moods too!

Head to the Zoo

Who says that it’s just for the summer holidays? It doesn’t have to be baking hot to enjoy a trip to the zoo, although dry weather is better. You’ll find that it’s a completely different experience will less crowds and cheaper entry prices too. There are some animals that might prefer cooler temperatures, so you may get the chance to see some species of animal you’ve never seen up close before. And those indoor pavilions that are stifling hot in the summer? The perfect reprieve on a cold winters day.

Head to the pool

Much like the zoo, the local swimming pool is a completely different experience in the winter, especially after the excitement of Christmas – not many families are thinking of squeezing back into their bathing suits and heading for a dip. Which means it won’t be too busy and the kids can blow off some steam! If you’re going alone for some quiet time, you might find there are more “adult swim only” sessions this time of year.

Makeover the kids – or your – bedroom

With all the new toys they’ll have got over the last few days, it might be time for a good old clear out. The same goes for your wardrobe! Take this opportunity to redecorate the room, that could be adding a new rug or some curtains, or simply moving the furniture around. Find some new storage solutions for all those bits and bobs they don’t want to part with and give everything a good deep clean. You’ll feel so much better for it. 


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