Thinking Slimmer — Week two

Well I think I can sum up this week as “bumpy”.   But I am cool with that, it’s fine.  As over all I am still losing weight.

I have lost another 2lbs!  I actually lost 4lbs but put two back on again.   And as I say, that is fine.    This takes the tally over two weeks to 7lbs.  That’s half a stone.  Half a stone!!!!!!

Un flipping believable.

I have carried on listening to the lovely Trevor and can now really visualise where I want to be in 19 weeks.

It’s working, Baby!

And I have actually had some chocolate too.  E came home from school where there had been a tuck sale, with a bag Maltesers “for me”.   I debated for about an eighth of a nanosecond whether or not to eat them but then I spotted in big numbers on the front “Only 187 calories”.   And I thought “sod it”.   I hadn’t had any chocolate for nearly two weeks.  Nor a biscuit, not any cake, nor any snacks or alcohol.     So sod it I did.  (how do you sod something?  Do I want to know?  Probably not).

And I ate them.   And do you know what?  I didn’t beat myself up.  I didn’t berate myself for being rubbish or for falling off the wagon.   It’s only a small bag of Maltesers.

I am still on track to skinny me.

And I know since starting this that a few of you have been off to Thinking Slimmer and bought your own Slimpods.   I would LOVE to know how you are doing.   Please let me know!

Here’s to maybe another pound or two coming off this week.


This week’s loss:   2lbs

Overall loss: 7lbs


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  • Seriously well done! I actually think it’s healthy to still have the odd treat because it means that you are being sensible. If you lose weight by never having anything other than celery and cottage cheese then that isn’t sustainable in the longer term. Knowing you can lose weight, and keep it off and still have a treat means you keep sane in my book.

    I am following thinking slimmer on twitter and have looked at their website. That’s as far as I’ve got so far but I’ll keep you posted. I wouldn’t have got that far without your example 🙂

  • WEll done you!! That is FANTASATIC!!!!

    However, I am confused…..

    Isn’t the whole point of thinking slimmer is that you are NOT on a diet. So NO banning of booze, chocolate, biscuits etc. I have been eating all of the above but occasionally rather than daily and only when I fancy. I am not looking at calories/fat for the first time in my life. I haven’t changed WHAT i eat at all, just HOW MUCH of it I am eating!!!! I also find I am not obsessing about food anymore…my tummy even rumbled hasn’t done that for years!!

    Am I getting a totally different message from you I wonder?! how bizarre.

    • Hi SAM. I am not “knowingly” on a diet. I just don’t fancy those things. Where before I would grab a biscuit whilst the kettle boils as I was hungry, I grab a banana. So I haven’t banned them AT ALL. I just don’t think about grabbing them.

      Does that make sense?