This day 18 years ago

I became a mum of two.

Already a mum of a one year old daughter I became mum to a son.    Born in Saudi Arabia where I was living.   His dad was stuck in London on business (where I had been too as we were only due to be there for a fortnight and it dragged on) and I had made the decision to go back to Riyadh where all my medical notes were.   I had to lie to the airline to let me board as I was passed the “safe to fly” cut off.  Telling them that it was twins and I was fine.

Balancing a wriggling one year old on my non-existent lap for eight hours.

My friend Veronica came to the hospital with me for my elective c-section.   Berating the doctor who kept telling me to lie still when I couldn’t because I was so cold as he tried to insert the epidural.   She was from Glasgow and didn’t take any crap from anybody, least of all him!

Promising me my baby would be born soon and that I would still be in time for breakfast (she knew how to get me motivated) and remembering Billy Connolly jokes to make me laugh, she held my hand as Jonnie was lifted into the air with a congratulatory “It’s a boy” coming up from a nurse who was at the business end.

A phone call back to the UK to say “He’s here” and then being a mum of two in those early days after a C-section on my own.

I had no idea I was having a boy but the bump had been known as “Dave” so having produced a boy I was keen for Dave to not stick.   Opting for Jonathan.  JD did stick though and Jonnie is still called JD by his big sister.

And now Jonnie is 18.  With a brain the size of a planet and doing A levels in subject I can’t get my head around: Maths, physics and economics.   Has spent a month this summer in Africa and come back full of great stories.    Who doesnt want to go out for dinner to celebrate his 18th but wants a curry delivered because he loves putting grated cheese on it and you can’t do that in a restaurant.

A boy who makes me proud.  And who will be cringing when he reads this.

Tough, Jonnie Boy.  Ya mum’s a blogger and the upshot of having a Sodastream and other great blog related stuff is that every now and again your mum gets personal.   Just be glad I used the pic of you that you uploaded as your profile pic on Facebook, and not one of the ones I could have snuck in here.

Have a great day Jonnie

I love you

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