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4 Ways to feel more refreshed before travelling long haul

Travelling long haul can be a tiring, by the time you’ve made your way there and managed to make your way through passport control, you then have the actual flight to get through before you’ve made it to your destination. If you’re on a long-haul flight it can be even more tiring, so anything you can do before hand to help yourself feel a little more refreshed certainly helps! If you want to start off your journey in a more relaxed and peaceful manor then here are some tips:

Staying near to the airport the night before

Whether it is because you were tossing and turning in bed, anxious about missing the alarm clock, or you had a pile of work to finish in the office before your well-deserved gateway, there is nothing worse than starting your holiday without a proper night’s sleep. As anyone who ever had to get to the airport to catch an early morning flight may testify, it can be a quite an unpleasant experience. Booking a stay near the airport the night before is a great way to battle the stress of getting to the airport on time. Look for a hotel close by to the airport, places such as the Thistle Hotel at Heathrow 5 are great options as they allow you to get to the airport quickly, no matter what time your flight is. Alternately you can always check for hotels close to airports such as Manchester if you’re flying from the North.

Making use of some of the beauty treatments in duty free

If you fancy a little pamper time before your flight, then it’s worth checking out what the airports have to offer! Whilst you can indulge in a little duty-free shopping and pick up some treats for the flight, a moisturizing face mask or a cooling eye mask are great ways to help combat the strain on your skin from flying. There are also a range of beauty treatments available at most airports, including facials and makeovers which can help you feel extremely pampered and refreshed before your flight, what a way to start your holiday! Heathrow terminals offer a range of beauty services, it’s worth checking some out before you fly!

Arriving earlier to have a sit-down meal

Although we’ve all been there, running through the airport grabbing a quick bite to eat for the plane as sometimes plane food isn’t the nicest thing to get you through to your destination. To get your holiday off to a more relaxing start, arrive early and treat yourself to a delicious breakfast or lunch so you’re not sitting on the plane wondering when the food might arrive. It’s also nice to take the time to sit down before hand and relax a little before heading off to your gate, with the restaurants in the airport able to turn the food around quickly you don’t have to worry about eating in a rush.

Be organised with hand luggage, making sure you have everything to hand

Making sure you’ve packed your hand luggage so that you have all the important bits to hand is essential when it comes to travelling long haul, it saves you from searching around in your bag for anything you need and means you can pack smarter rather than throwing bits in. It’s always worth looking at the hand luggage restrictions before you fly, to make sure your hand luggage is good to go without any issues, the last thing you need before flying is realizing something you’ve packed isn’t allowed through security!


These tips should help you travelling experience be a little more stress free and enjoyable! If you have any tips on making sure you feel a little more refreshed and relaxed when you travel, then please share them below!

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