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A baby grand toy piano is the ultimate toy piano for any up and coming little maestro so it is important that you buy the best one. With so many options to choose from this can often be more difficult than imagined, so which one should you go for?

A Schoenhut Baby Grand Piano is highly regarded and arguably the most popular toy piano on the market. Places like ForYourLittleOne have lots of other great toys too. Schoenhut have an impeccable reputation when it comes to toy pianos, though; their toy pianos are beautifully crafted and unbelievably timeless, not only do they last a lifetime but they never go out of fashion. Their baby grand toy piano’s are identical to the bigger sister piano in both look and sound and is available in an array of designs and colors to suit every child and every home. There are several different types of Schoenhut baby grand’s available and each one possess unique and distinct qualities which will help you decide whether it is the perfect baby grand toy piano for your little musical genius,

The classic baby grand toy piano is exactly the same as a standard grand piano, except it is obviously a miniature version. It has 30 keys and its dimensions are 19 x 20 x 21 inches. It is available in three different colors; sleek black, classical white, and light pink. The toy piano makes chime-like tones, these are created thanks to the little hammers striking metal rods. This is in fact the sound that makes Schoenhut piano’s so unique. The piano also boasts full-width keys and a two and a half octave span. It’s likeliness to a standard grand piano makes it a perfect platform to learn and then transition to the larger model.

The fancy baby grand toy piano is very similar to the classic version. The only differences being that it is slightly smaller and the legs are curved whereas the classic baby grand has straight legs. In addition to this it is also available in one extra color; pillar box red. Therefore those likely to buy this piano probably just prefer its appearance. The elite baby grand toy piano is very similar to this as well however it has 37 keys instead of 30. 

The mini baby grand toy piano is the smallest of all available. It only has eighteen keys and is most suited for very young children. It is also available in pink, white, and black, however the white and pink versions have different colors above each key to make learning easier.

Finally, the concert baby grand toy piano is available in the classic black and white and also in mahogany. It is a lot bigger in appearance and would be best suited for older children or those who know a little bit about playing the piano as it could be slightly intimidating. This is the most prestigious of them all. The top of it the piano lifts making you feel graceful and elegant whilst playing. Your child will feel like a real genius with one of these.

Out of all five Schoenhut pianos available there has to be something for your musical magician so find the one that suits you and say hello to the next Beethoven. 

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