Top Packing Tips: Alleviate Stress When Travelling

Hello there, fellow adventurers! Planning a trip can be thrilling, but packing? Well, that’s a different story. Whether it’s a weekend jaunt to the countryside or a month-long adventure around the world, your packing choices can make or break your trip. So, where to start? The first point of call is researching your destination. Get a good understanding of the place – the culture, the attractions, the terrain, and most importantly, the weather and time of year.

Check out these tips below, so that you can spend more time looking around, talking to people and trying the local cuisine – rather than worrying about ‘stuff’! 

Backpack Vs Suitcase, Pros and Cons

Packing starts with the all-important question: backpack or suitcase? Both have their merits, so you need to factor in a few things. Consider the overall weight you’ll be lugging around. A backpack might be easier to handle if you’re planning a trip with numerous stops. Don’t forget to take into account common large items like boots and coats – they can take up sooo much room! Also, think about any planned activities, and what you’ll need to take with out, but more importantly what you can leave behind. If you can’t leave your luggage at a hotel, a heavy suitcase might become a frustrating companion when you’re trying to enjoy the local area.

Choosing Your Footwear for Travelling

When it comes to your feet, you really can’t afford to get it wrong. Travelling isn’t the time to debut a fresh but blistering new pair of shoes. As tempting as ‘holiday shopping’ can be – we strongly suggest wearing what you know works. A versatile pair of boots can be your best friend for all sorts of trips. They’re perfect for hitting the city streets, scaling countryside hills, and, with the right pair, even passing the dress code test to get you into a bar for evening cocktails (just give them a little wipe first!). Remember not to sacrifice comfort for fashion – trust us, your feet will thank you. We recommend All terrain Chelsea boots at Blundstone, as they are durable and go with most outfits. They’re slightly higher priced than a lot of high-street shops, but they are worth it.

Keeping your foot health in mind is crucial. Blisters or sore feet can derail your travelling experience faster than a delayed flight. Make sure your boots are up to the task for all your planned activities and suitable for any dress codes you might come up against.

We also suggest taking a pair of flip-flops, these are handy if using communal showers/areas, by the pool and add almost no weight to your luggage. Plus, they’re inexpensive so you won’t be heartbroken if you lose them (provided you don’t go with designer slides that is!).

And here’s another tip: try hanging your boots from your backpack. Not only does it look incredibly cool, but it’s super handy. This trick frees up space in your bag for another footwear option if needed. Pick up a couple of carabiners and keep them on your backpack, they always come in handy for stuff like this.

Packing Clothes Efficiently

When it comes to packing clothes, it’s all about maximising space and minimising wrinkles. Begin by selecting versatile clothing items that can be mixed and matched. This will enable you to create more outfits with fewer pieces. Stick to a colour palette so everything can easily go together.

Rolling clothes, rather than folding, can save space and reduce wrinkles (here’s how). For bulkier items like jeans, keeping them flat can actually be better for saving space than folding them multiple times. You can also find out if your accommodation will have an iron in advance, meaning you don’t need to worry so much about how things are packed initially.

Packing an empty tote bag can be useful, so that you can take this around day-to-day, without needing to carry your entire case.

Extra tip: If you do choose to put footwear inside your bag, don’t forget that their inside space is prime real estate for storing small items like socks or accessories. Lastly, always pack an extra set of clothes in your carry-on just in case your checked luggage goes on its own adventure without you.

Planning Ahead, Be Prepared

No matter how much you love spontaneity, a little preparation goes a long way. Be sure to pack essentials like suncream – yes, even if it’s not sunny, those UV rays can be sneaky. Don’t forget UV protective lip balm either, it’s a lifesaver when you’re out and about.

A simple first aid kit can come in handy too. Pack some antihistamines and over-the-counter painkillers – just in case. And trust me, you’ll thank yourself for bringing mints. Nobody wants to be the person with bad breath in a close-quarters tour group or cramped train ride.

Don’t neglect your skin on your travels; pop a travel-size moisturiser into your bag. And lastly, don’t forget a sun hat – protect your face and look stylish doing it.

The Case For Wrapping Suitcases (Only If You’re Flying)

We also wanted to remind you about wrapping suitcases, this provides an additional layer of protection against damage, theft, and tampering. This is especially important if you’re travelling with valuables, or if you’re heading to destinations known for these issues.

Instances have occurred where unsuspecting travellers have found their luggage used as a conduit for smuggling drugs or other illicit items across borders, of course, the chances of this happening in most countries are very low, but the consequences are high if it does. Generally, airports are highly secure and we don’t mean to spook you! But make sure you are on the safe side and wrapping that case, depending on where you are travelling to.

Consider the environment

The way this wrapping is done at the airport uses a lot of single-use plastic, so consider eco-friendlier options like suitcase sleeves that can be reused, and ask yourself if your case actually needs to be wrapped.

Enjoy Your Trip!

Remember that the most important thing about travel is enjoying the journey – not worrying about your gear. If you take nothing else from this article, let it be this. It’s easy to get stressed and anxious when it comes to planning your trip, and even when you’re there. But remember that it’s supposed to be fun.

That’s why we always recommend packing as lightly as possible, keep a few key items close and on your person and you’ll feel comfortable no matter what challenge you face. A trusty hat, pair of boots and refillable water bottle will be your ultimate travel companions.

Staying safe, well-informed, and mindful of your belongings is the ticket to an unforgettable trip. Remember, life is not a fashion show. It’s about making memories, so pack wisely with practicality in mind and get ready for your adventure!

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