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Top tips for designing graduation invitations

When the world returns to normal in a few months we are going to need to start celebrating all the things that have been on hold for the past few months.  Birthdays, weddings, christenings, graduations.   They have all been postponed for now but this summer there are going to be a whole host of parties and celebrations, our diaries will never have been so full!  So what better time to start planning all these events than now?


Here are my top tips then for designing your senior invitations

Plan ahead

You will have so many other things to think about that it is well worth really doing the design ahead of time.  Even if they then sit on your desk for a few weeks before you send them out, at least you have them ready and can sent them in plenty of time for your recipients to reply.

Think colour scheme

If you have a favourite colour or already have your outfit planned maybe you could get your invites in the same colour scheme.  A company called “Basic Invite” for instance allows customers to play with infinite colour combinations, with instant previews.   Every element can be changed and there are 180 different colours to pair.

Getting  matching envelopes

Why choose a white envelope when you could have one that matches the invite?  Basic Invite do 40 different envelope colours so you can really make a statement with them.  And they are even peel and seal so when you sit down to send them all they are easy to close.

Order matching thank you cards

You’ll want to say thank you to the guests that send good wishes or gifts so get some personalised thank you cards at the same time, with the same colour scheme so your friends and family know instantly its from you and that you


Get a sample

What looks great on the screen might not actually be what you envisage when it is printed.  Any reputable company will allow you to order a printed sample of your invitation.   It will also allow you to judge the paper quality!

Send them out in plenty of time

Don’t forget that you need to allow your guests time to plan any childcare, make travel arrangements and get time off work.   They also need time to send back their reply.  So make sure you give them as much time as possible!


Have fun designing your graduation invitations and planning your big day!  It’s one of life’s milestones and you should be proud of your graduation and all that it signifies so enjoy this bit too.


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