Top tips for fitting solid wood flooring (AD)

Top tips for fitting solid wood flooring

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With working from home becoming more of a way of life for my family we have had to re-jig rooms at home to accommodate the need for offices. Primarily because Zoom is taking over and, well, nobody wants to hear somebody else’s, do they?   So whilst Mr B and are happy to share an office because my Zoom calls are infrequent, for Jonnie it has been a little harder.  He has been perched on an old dining table in the corner of the living room up until now but has recently been told it will be some time into the new year before his company returns to the office so it is time to turn the spare bedroom into an office for him.

We went away for the weekend and found Jonnie had managed to clear out all the old furniture, put two coats of paint on the wall and realise the carpet is revolting by the time we returned at lunchtime on Sunday.  We shouldn’t really have been surprised, it is 15 years old and one of the only original carpets in the house.   As this won’t always be an office, but will revert to a spare bedroom we are keen to ensure the furnishings reflect that, starting with the flooring.   We have decided therefore to rip up the carpet and replace it with solid wood flooring which means we have been doing a fair amount of research in trying prior to purchasing ours.

What we have learned is the following:

  1. Before installing the wood flooring you need to ensure all traces of the carpet and fitments have been removed.  There is no need for grippers etc so they will all need to be taken up so the floor is returned to the subfloor.
  2. Be aware that people shouldn’t walk over a solid wooden floor with high heels as they can mark the floor.  Not really a problem when laying this type of flooring in a bedroom, but worth considering if it is downstairs in a high traffic area.
  3. Any large plants that sit on the floor should be watered very carefully as it can leave unsightly marks.  I have seen many a tenant lose a large
  4. Consider the finish as sanding and changing the finish is a time consuming and very dusty job!
  5. This is an investment so do chose wisely, and consider having it installed by a qualified expert.
  6. The acoustics with wooden floors are great but it might be worth considering putting down a rug in the centre of the room until you are used to there being no carpet.

All that considered it’s time to get the carpet ripped up and then the decisions curtains to be made!


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