Top tips to make sure your clothes fit properly

Top tips to make sure your clothes fit properly

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We have all been there haven’t we?  Put on an outfit that we tried on in the shop but when we wear it for any length of time we realise it is one of the most uncomfortable things we have ever owned because it just doesn’t quite fit our shape properly.   I have lost count of the number of times I have longed to get home from an event and chuck it all on the bedroom floor and crawl into pyjamas because what I have been wearing just hasn’t fitted properly despite looking great on the hanger.

With summer party  and wedding season now beginning I thought I would share some of my top tips on how to make sure your clothes fit properly, not only so you look fabulous but feel amazing too.

This video from Chums also has some great tips that Jeremy Clarkson would do well to watch


It doesn’t really matter how amazing the outside looks, if the underneath stuff is uncomfortable that is going to show on your face.   If you aren’t used to wearing Spanx or an underwired bra then, well do you really need them?  Could you wear what you normally wear?  I wore Spanx under my mother of the bride outfit last year and it was a big mistake, I felt like I was being cut in half!  Would have been far better to have not worried and felt I could breathe a bit more easily.

Hats / Fascinators

Do you have to wear one?  If you are going to Royal Ascot or Buckingham Palace, then yes, but anywhere else?  You might be left feeling uncomfortable and a bit self conscious if you are the only person who has rocked up in one.   Hats are also really tricky to wear and often don’t fit properly because they are designed for one size of head.  So unless you know you have to wear one (in which case maybe you could have one made for you, or visit a milliner who can advise on the best shape and style for you) it might be better to wear a fascinator.


I cannot stress this one enough.  If you are wearing long trousers make sure you have tried them on with the shoes you will be wearing on the day / night to ensure they are not too long.  A number of years ago I went to an engagement party in a new pair of long silk wide bottom trousers.  Amazing with the heels I had tried on three days before, but with the flats I opted for on the night they were too long.  Cue me slipping on the material at the top of the marble stairs, landing on my back side and sliding down the entire thing like a helter skelter, shooting out at the end and into a group of bemused people on the dance floor.


Talking of footwear, make sure it is comfy.   I would always go for flats rather than heels because I am just not used to wearing heels and can’t really walk in them for too long.  Though obviously if you live in heels (I take my hat off to you) then walking in flats could be tricky for you.  To my mind flats are more versatile and there are hundreds of ladies sandals to choose from at this time of year, lots of them in neutral colours too so they would work with a variety of outfits.   Plus you can drive in them and don’t need to change!


There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable because you are too hot or cold in your perfect outfit.   I would suggest you always think about layers.   Can you add a blazer, or a pashmina for instance?  That way you can take them off before you hit the dance floor when Nutbush City Limits comes on (just me?).  Or you can put them on if the chatting on the patio goes on further into the night than you first anticipated so you don’t have to sit and shiver.

There are some more tips on how to make sure your clothes fit properly in this little Youtube Video.  If somebody could pass them on to Simon Cowell too that would be appreciated, that white t-shirt really has to go, doesn’t it?!

These are my top tips, do you have any others?

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