Twitter hypocrisy

So if you are on Twitter you have been bombarded recently by the “ladies” who’s bios are sparse but leave you in no uncertain terms what they are about.

They are all bots that want you to follow them back so they can spam your private message box with links to porn sites (which they cannot do unless you follow them back) but it is infuriating to have to keep going through and blocking them.

I had fifteen of them in an hour last night.   All with a bio containing the word f*ck.

Now I am not a computer genius, I leave that to Mr B (along with catching spiders) but would it not be a simple exercise for Twitter to ban that word in bios.    I can see no logical reason why that word should be in anybody’s bio.   Ever.    Yes there are other words and we would have to ban those too but for now that would be a good place to start. Wouldn’t it?

Imagine my surprise then when I uploaded a photo last night and then found that people couldn’t see it, but instead saw this:


1)  Nope, I didn’t remove it.  I posted it and then went out for the evening;

2)  The link was valid, how could it not be?

3)  Nope, no connection lost, I saw it post successfully

4)  Bingo.  Yes.  Lockerz assumed my photo contained nudity.

5) No copyright infringement, it is my photo.  Well actually it is my parents.

Want to see the photo?:

So not only am I not naked, which you might assume as I am about 9 years old and on a beach in France, I am actually wearing a T-shirt over my swimming costume.

This is banned.   It is deemed to be pornographic but fifteen women offering to do things to me that are anatomically impossible is fine.

Not sure I understand that logic.   Could somebody explain?

Twitter Image courtesy of Shutterstock

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  • so glad you blogged about this – totally hypocritical….would love to hear an “official” view on this but wishful thinking!

  • I can only assume that the picture flagging is automated, and that the fruity-lady spammers are only banned when the ‘report spam’ button has been hit by Twitter users a certain number of times.

    None of it makes any sense. I’d like to see a more generic ‘report abuse’ button on Twitter to weed out racist simpletons and other assorted trolls too…

  • it is very annoying. Do you have an iphone? How does one remove those people after blocking and spam reporting? I did all that but I want to have their “Followed You” messages off my phone! any thoughts? (I have a 4).