#WaffleFriday — Tower

Chocolate waffle strawberry cake

Did I want to be involved with #WaffleFriday they said.   The theme is a tower they said.   Thoughts went to Pisa and the fact that any tower of waffles I build has a definite lean to it.   I have done a tower before of course, with the beauty above.

So I thought I might stick to the theme and do something Wimbledon related.   I got all excited when I saw you can buy edible tennis balls.   The problem is though, this is me and anything I do never really goes to plan.  In fact it sort of goes off plan.  But you know me, nothing if not honest when it comes to this blog.   Proof that not every creation made by a blogger is Pinterest worthy and amazing.  In fact, in my case none of my photos are, but hey, the food is vaguely edible.  Ish.

This is the disaster that was the Wimbledon inspired tower of waffles that I made yesterday.   A ready to make cake mix (1kg of cake mix will make about 12 waffles.  I got bored after making 8 and then ate the left over mix so put the rest in the bin.

Wimbledon Waffle Tower

This morning I made another tower.  Well I tried to.   In an attempt to show that if you get a waffle iron you don’t need to just do waffles.  That you can, in fact, cook a whole meal in it.  That maybe it’s the only piece of cooking equipment you need if you live in a bedsit, or about to send students off to Uni.

This is a traditional English breakfast, none of it fried, all just shoved in, one at a time in the Smart Waffle.  Potato waffle, waffled omelette, some sausages, bacon, more potato, waffled mushrooms:


What do you think?

Now if you excuse me, we can’t let that all go to waste can we?

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