Want to be on the BT tower and not fall off?

Huh?  What’s she on about now?  Well let me tell you my little friend.   You.  Yes you.  Could find yourself on the outside of the BT Tower in the next couple of days WITHOUT A SAFETY NET.  Sort of.

Want to know how that is possible?  Simple.  All you need to do is send a tweet:

To get a message displayed the user must Tweet their Christmas message to @BT_UK with the #TweetsOnTheTower hashtag between 19th-21st.

Tweets will ideally need to be between 70 and 100 characters long. The best Tweets (in terms of content, humour, charm and relevance) will then be selected with the display going live from 4pm, each day.

12 Tweets will be displayed every 2 hours, with each Tweet having between 10 and 12 minutes of air time (Over 100 Tweets will be shown over the three day period).

The original tweeter will be sent a return tweet featuring a Vine video clip with their tweet on the Tower, which they will be able to share via social media.

How simple is that?!   All you need to do is send that tweet and you could find your tweet being shown for all to see, RT’ed on Twitter and then sent to you as proof in a Vine video.

Why not tell friends and family that you won’t be able to see over the next few weeks how much you love them?

Do it instead of sending Christmas cards?

Propose even?  How romantic would that be?!

Come on, you know you want to!  But be quick, this campaign is now live and only running until 21st.    So get over to Twitter and get on it now!!

What are you going to Tweet?  Do let me know!

Disclaimer, this is a sponsored post.


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