Warm fuzzy

Today, after the madness of Britmumslive, the struggling home with all the bags and the collapse on to the settee to watch a bit of footy, it was all a bit flat really.

So many lovely people and, oddly, lots of them seemed to know who I was – I was hoping to be slightly anonymous….

And then, after all that, @Lolly_knickers tweets something that sounds a bit naff, but then turns out to be utterly beautiful.

So, please watch this. Twice, if you like (I did). I’m not telling you what it is, though you may have seen it if you follow me on Twitter.  And it will explain why the title is warm and fuzzy and why the picture is duct tape.

I’ve never done surfing – the idea of being in the sea while people on huge planks go at you/round you/over your head just never really appealed to me.

But this just made me smile – the look on the lady’s face with her ‘perma-grin’ made my day. Hopefully it might make you smile too.


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