What are the benefits of choosing a small wedding venue?

Many of us will have had some kind of image in mind of what our wedding will look like since we were young. Those images will likely have been influenced by the kinds of weddings we were exposed to, through Hollywood movies and sitcoms.

While those massive weddings can be nice, they have a lot of drawbacks and can be a lot more stressful than necessary. In most cases, a wedding on the smaller side will be both more enjoyable and far more special. 

Create a more intimate atmosphere

The main benefit of having your wedding in a smaller wedding venue is that you can create a far more intimate kind of vibe. 

By limiting the number of people you invite, you make it more likely that you’ll feel comfortable being yourself around those who end up coming to celebrate with you. 

It also means you get to spend time with everyone – at huge weddings, you’re never going to get more than a few words in with most of the guests, and it can feel quite superficial.

More budget friendly

Big weddings can become incredibly expensive. Whether you or your family are paying for it, it’s important to keep a budget in mind – there’s no point breaking the bank for what’s ultimately a few days of lovely celebration.

The wedding venue will often be the biggest expense, and by going with a smaller option, you can likely help to keep the overall cost down significantly.

A smaller venue will also mean fewer guests, which means less food and drink and a smaller amount of decorations. You can see how it all starts to scale down.

It’s less stressful

This one is really important, smaller weddings can often end up being a whole lot less stressful, and as a result, far more enjoyable. 

There will be fewer complications and issues to overcome, fewer things to coordinate, and just generally less chaos that might distract you from enjoying your time.

If you’re less stressed, then that will also have an impact on how much everyone else enjoys the weddings, leading to a nicer atmosphere all around.

Closer to nature

While not all small wedding venues will tick this last box, you’ll find that a lot of them are situated in absolutely breathtaking areas of natural beauty.

Whether you picture your wedding happening in the English countryside or on a sandy beach, once you scale things down, your possibilities really open up in this area. With fewer people, it also becomes simpler to arrange for travel to more remote places, and to sort out accommodation.

Of course, some people will still want to have an absolutely huge wedding in a massive venue, and that’s also fine – there’s no single model of wedding that everyone has to go along with.

In our opinion though, most people will enjoy choosing a smaller venue a lot more. From the diversity of locations to the increased intimacy, there really is a lot to say for scaling the whole thing down a little bit. 

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