What does home mean to you?

Home to me is where I feel safest, and at my most comfortable, where I can relax.   Though I appreciate that my home is probably where a lot of other people would feel at their most comfortable and be able to relax.   My laid back approach to cleaning windows (ahem) would probably drive some people mad.  As would my obsession with cushions on the sofa (14 at the last count and I have been banned from putting any on the bed).   Similarly there are things in other people’s houses that would drive me up the wall though I am obviously far too polite to mention what they might be in case friends read this post (double ahem).


In an infographic shared by chill.ie/home-insurance who have been asking people for their thoughts on #WhatHomeIsToMe too 38% of people said, like me,  it was their place to relax and chill out.   Not surprisingly 62% of the people surveyed said that friends and family make their home what it is and I would have to wholeheartedly agree with this.   I can think of no better way to spend a day at home than to have family and friends over, covering our huge coffee table in the lounge with food and just eating our way through an afternoon of bingeing TV programmes.  Or maybe firing up the barbecue and spending the afternoon in the garden.

When people say “where is home” for you, meaning really “where did you grow up” I struggle to answer as we move a few times when I was younger, living in five houses before I was 18 and my parents then moved to Germany as I moved to Essex to be a live-in nanny.    So I don’t really look back and think “that was home” and it is something I am always envious of.   Mr B only lived in two homes before he left for Uni and when we go back to his parents in Wilmslow he can relive memories of the adventures he and his brother had in the house, the nights sneaking in the back door, the day the basement flooded.   Things I can’t do but have been determined my children had with our current house, that we have been in for 14 years.

I did say we would never move but there is also the suggestion that 17% of people would like to have a slide in their new house and now I think about that I really want a slide.

Can you imagine?!





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