What Is Negatively Influencing Your Child?

Having children can bring you so much joy but also so much fear; as they get older you have to let go of the reigns more and more in order to help them develop their independence. This means that they become vulnerable to outside influences. It is important to remain vigilant towards these despite taking more of back seat role in their lives, so here we have listed some of the most major negative influences out there to give you a head start, including one you may not have considered!

Social Media

As well as being very addictive, social media imposes some impossible standards in terms of lifestyle and appearance, on your child Photoshopping has heightened the pressure that we are all under to become stick-thin and flawless, yet these ideals are completely unattainable as they are not real to begin with. Your children need to be educated on the concept of photo editing and the fact that many online influencers are paid to project certain lifestyles which they may not really lead. This way, your children can develop a healthy, realistic attitude towards their own appearance and the true nature of the internet. This will, in turn, teach them to question everything they read and therefore have more resilience when it comes to anything they may come across which could potentially harm them. Make sure you keep an eye on how much time they spend online. One great tip is to confiscate mobile phones at night so that they cannot be tempted to idly browse for hours.

Video Games 

Video games promote violence as well as being highly addictive for children and adults. Letting your child play video games for hours on end stops them experiencing the real world, and everything they could learn from it. Their social skills and emotional resilience could be negatively affected so it is important to limit the time they spend playing them. If you find that your child develops an interest in violence and weapons, help them get it out of their system in a safe way by doing some target practice with them using Airsoft Guns


Many parents don’t consider this fact but as a parent, you are the single most important influence in your child’s life. Even when you’re not thinking about it your child is learning from everything you do and say, so it is important to make sure that you develop healthy responses to life’s challenges in order to teach them how to do the same. Your children will most be most susceptible to how you handle different emotional experiences such as how you treat others, how you handle rejection, how you approach a healthy lifestyle, the list goes on…

Children are very easily influenced so it is important to help them develop the kind of like skills which will allow them to form their own opinions and become kind human beings with healthy attitudes towards themselves. Be wary of social media, video games and your own actions as these can be the most potentially harmful influences on them. For more parenting tips check out mummybarrow.com

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